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How to hide text in Discord using Spoiler Tags?

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In recent times, Discord has become one of the most popular applications across the globe. It has become a hub for online interactions, community meet and greet or just hanging out casually with friends in an online environment. Yes, it sounds like a great app to use because it is!

Now, with this new format of catching up and socializing, there are some challenges that people have had to follow during the early days of Discord or any social media platform for that matter. The issue of hate text, trolling or censored content when you are part of a community, and everyone is able to read your text or see your pictures can put you in the spotlight that may lead to people actually kicking you out of that community for unwanted things that are shared.

People need to understand that online community groups is not private chat, there are several people on that group that are able to read your messages and respond to them. Thus, guidelines have a play a major role otherwise anyone can drop in an abusive text message and make others uncomfortable. This is not how it should be, and Discord has introduced a feature that will let you hide text in Discord.

The name of the feature is “Spoiler tags”.

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How to hide text in Discord using Spoiler Tags?

Well, let us first understand what this Spoiler Tag does exactly.

Assume that you are part of an online community on Discord and you are discussing about your recent accident with your friends. You wish to show them your disgusting wound but you that everyone will not appreciate it. What do you do?

You use the Spoiler Tag on that image and drop a text that it is a picture of my wound, open at viewer’s discretion. That is all!

The spoiler tag will send out your image in a greyed-out box and people will have to click on it to open the image. So, whoever voluntarily clicks on that message will only be able to see that text message/image and no one else. Isn’t this a great feature to have?

Follow the below steps to know how to use Spoiler tags on Discord:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Type /spoiler before any text or message that you wish to tag
  3. This will hide your content instantly and maintain your privacy for the same as well.
  4. Finally, your content is now hidden.

Without willing to read or open the message, no one will be able to see the contents of your message. They will only see a dark grey box.