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How to save a GIF from Twitter?


You all remember emojis on your smartphones and then on laptops and desktops? The perfect way to express your emotions, right? Well, GIFs are the video version of this expression where you can react to someone’s text with a looped small video. Some of the easy reactions could be saying Hi, making a sad face or laughing reaction.

However, Twitter has its own search engine for these GIFs, and I am sure that you have come across several of these reactions while scrolling Twitter. Do you know how to download these GIFs, so that you can use it elsewhere, other than Twitter?

Trust me, many of you must have thought of this but the answer is not straight up ‘Yes’ to this. For some reason, Twitter has made it so complicated to download GIFs that we have to look for third party websites to help us download these GIFs on our computer, but yes it works.

How to save a GIF from Twitter on your Windows or Mac device?

Follow the steps in order to successfully download a GIF on your Mac or PC:

Twitter GIF
Tom’s Guide
  1. Open Twitter and find a tweet with a GIF.
  2. Right Click on the GIF > then click on ‘Copy GIF Address’
  3. Open a new Tab and search for an online video downloader.
  4. Paste the copied GIF Address on this website > Click on Download
  5. On the Download Link, you can also Right Click and select ‘Save Link As’
  6. Once your GIF is downloaded in video format, the next step is to convert MP4 in GIF format.
  7. Open another browser and search for online MP4 converter.
  8. Browse your downloaded video from your Desktop and convert it to GIF format.
  9. Once the video gets converted> Click on Download.
  10. Voila! You have successfully downloaded your GIF from Twitter.

Now since you have downloaded the GIF from Twitter, you can use it anywhere and send it across wherever you like.

Why is it hard to download GIF from Twitter?

Many of you must have this question in mind, this is because Twitter GIFs are not in the actual GIF format, they are basically small MP4 videos that have been converted to Twitter’s proprietary format.

Thus, the new format makes it difficult for us to download the GIF directly from Twitter. However, their format provides a very smooth user experience on Twitter and that is the reason they have it.

As per research, Twitter is working to provide us with an update on GIF downloading methods. So, moving forward we might directly be able to download GIFs from Twitter itself.