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How to Secretly Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing?

The iPhone is considered as one of the safest devices to store your data. You must have heard about how hard it is to get into your son’s iPhone without them knowing.

Tracking kid’s iphone by Spyine is easy to use and works for everyone with a device and an internet connection. All you need is the basic knowledge of installing an application. Even if you do not know about it, you can always follow the step by step guide to tracking son’s iPhone.

The Best iPhone Tracker – Spyine

Spyine is one of the most-trusted phone monitoring applications of all time. It lets you track any device without even touching it for once. Sounds Interesting? Well, after completing this guide, you can also track any device you want.
This application is designed for beginners as experts to spy on someone without letting them know. Additionally, it does not need you to mess with the security of the targeted iPhone by performing a jailbreak.
If you have some knowledge about the iPhone, then you can understand why jailbreaking is not a great idea. Spyine is trusted by millions of users that use this platform to monitor some devices regularly.
It is recognized by Forbes, CNET, and TechRadar for its amazing features and capabilities. You can also get more info on Spyine.

How Does it Work?
Spyine works by syncing the device with an online account to track its location and other data. You need to verify their device ( follow the installation guide), and you will be able to track them. However, the process is different for the Android and IOS operating systems.
What if someone tells you that you no longer need to guess the location of your son, and you can actually track their device? After a while, you will know how to secretly track your son’s iPhone without him knowing or finding out.

Step 1: Creating A Spyine Account

Start by creating a free account on the Spyine platform. It will allow you to have a proper platform to track kid’s iPhone by Spyine. All you need to do is visit their website and click on the Join Free Option.
There you will see a box asking you to enter your email and creating a password. Just follow the requirements and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Subscribing to their Monthly Plans
The next step is subscribing to a paid plan to use their services. You can choose any of the three paid plans that include different features and tools.
The basic pack is suitable for those who need to monitor a single device from their account. Choose the one and proceed with your payments.

Step 3: Verifying the Device (Targeted Device)

After choosing the subscription plan, you will be asked to choose the device that is to be monitored. Just click on the iPhone and continue to the next page. It will ask you to enter the iCloud login credentials of the device that you want to target.
Just enter the iCloud details and click on the Verify Button. It will take some time to sync their device with your online account. However, using the location tracker does not require you to wait for a long time.

Step 4: Using the Right Tools to Track the Targeted Device
After completing the sync, you get access to their iPhone without letting them know. Now, we are going to use any of the location features of Spyine to track their device. Just go to the dashboard of your account and click on the Location Tracker option from the features section.
It will open a map where you can see their current location along with the places they have visited in the last few days.
That’s all. Now, you know how to track an iPhone with the Location Tracker feature. However, there are many other location-based features that you can use from the same section. We have listed down some of them to help you improve your phone monitoring experience.

Features of Spyine for iPhone Tracking
Spyine has a wide range of features for phone tracking. It has all the tools that we require to track and locate any iPhone without alerting the user. So, let’s go through some of the main features of Spyine that helps you to track an iPhone.

Location Tracker: It is our first choice to locate the targeted device with the Spyine application. It allows you to track all their location activities on the map to know the places visited by them.

SIM Tracker: Another exciting feature that allows you to track an iPhone even when there is no internet connection or GPS in the targeted iPhone. It works by tracking the SIM location by verifying their device.

Browsing History Viewer: You can also check the browsing history of your son to know the places they were searching for. It is much useful for this purpose, but still, you can do much more by using it properly.

Stealth Mode: It is a feature that protects your identity from all the unrecognized logins in that device.

Final Words
Trying to check someone’s device is a challenging task. No one can tracksomeone all the time without having a proper strategy. That is why this method of tracking kid’s iPhone can change the way you monitor your children’s activities.
Additionally, Spyine is easy to use and trusted by millions of its users with their precious data. Hence, if you are looking for a phone monitoring solution, you need to have a look at the steps that this guide has shared, and you are good to go.



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