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How to see previously viewed TikToks

A person holding a red phone with the TikTok search filters page open to find a recent TikTok video.

A person holding a red phone with the TikTok search filters page open to find a recent TikTok video.

The mistake of watching an incredible TikTok on your For You page just to coincidentally reload the choice and lose it perpetually is so considered normal — so instinctive — that the experience has turned into somewhat of an image. However, you don’t need to experience this misfortune: you can find as of late watched recordings directly in the application.

Sadly, the component that will save you is certainly not an “as of late seen” page or perusing history-style list, however a hunt work to some degree covered inside TikTok’s settings. It’s time you figured out how to track down it.

Step-by-step instructions to look for an as-of-late watched a video on TikTok

Since reemerging as of late watched recordings are restricted with search, you’ll have to know sufficient about the clasp you lost to type it into the hunt bar. Furthermore, in the event that you can’t remember anything, indeed, you’re likely not missing a lot.

To start with, tap the hunt symbol (an amplifying glass) in the upper right corner of your screen. Then type out the significant catchphrases and hit Search. Then, contact the channels symbol (two lines with circles on them) to one side of the inquiry bar, turn on the Watched recordings flip the switch right at the top, and hit Apply. This will change your query items to zero in on recordings you watched over the most recent seven days.

For instance, I looked “track down ongoing video” with an end goal to find the video from a content planner and TikTok tips-provider @lateilla that at first educated me on the way that this was even conceivable and got me digging further into the application’s pursuit work. The December 21 clasp wasn’t in my unfiltered results, yet it showed up decently fast when I set the channel.

One thing I saw is that there were most certainly recordings I had not watched among my sifted results. They were, nonetheless, TikToks that had shown up in ongoing hunts and auto-played as thumbnails as I glanced through the outcomes, so it’s conceivable the application considers those “watched” also.

Other TikTok search tips

The principal indexed lists page, regardless of whether you channel it, is loaded down with content. You can utilize these tabs and ideas to additionally refine your pursuit or simply lose all sense of direction in the TikTok pit and trust your calculation doesn’t endure a staggering shot. I most definitely, will presumably go through the following week telling TikTok I’m not keen on those recordings where individuals pour milk all around the counter while “making espresso” since I looked “espresso TikTok” while chipping away at this story. (To do as such, tap the offer button on any video (a bent bolt) and select Not intrigued.)

Across the highest point of the outcomes page, you’ll see work in channels that will show just top posts, clients, recordings, sounds, accounts that are as of now live, and hashtags connected with your hunt. Look down a bit and you’ll likewise find ideas for what others looked for.

Inside the more subtle channels menu where you viewed the “watched recordings” flip switch, there are likewise choices to additional emphasize your hunt on recordings you’ve preferred, uncover just those posted inside a particular time period, and sort by either pertinent recordings or ones with the most likes. This is likewise where TikTok gives you the choice to give input on any issues you might have had with their inquiry work. Perhaps assuming enough of us utilize that structure to demand a simple to-utilize rundown of our as-of-late watched recordings, TikTok will get it going. We can dream.



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