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How to see who is stalking your Facebook profile

Facebook is one of the most well known online media stages where the vast majority will quite often invest a large portion of their energy. This appears to be plausible when you realize you have burdens to do there: have any familiarity with individuals you are companions with, message individuals, transfer photographs/recordings, and even mess around. Likewise, Read – Will Meta’s large metaverse push be to the point of keeping it important among the majority?

How to know who viewed your Facebook profile with these hacks

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Be that as it may, these are the essential Facebook assignments one can do. The Mark Zuckerberg-claimed stage is purportedly likewise used to follow individuals and watch out for its clients, particularly when they are a potential foe, somebody you envy, or presumably, on an ex you need to know about. Likewise, Read – Meta acquaints include with save you from badgering in the metaverse

This carries us to the inquiry, “how might you see who saw your Facebook profile?”, and the response to this question is by following a few hacks, which we will discuss here. Thus, continue to peruse to at last find a solution to the inquiry you have been posing for quite a while. Likewise Read – Meta just had its most horrendously terrible day in the financial exchange, on target to eradicate more than $200 billion

How to realize who saw your Facebook profile? (Web)

The primary approach is an interaction that contains a few stages. In any case, kid you not, it is full-verification. One thing to note is that it works for Facebook’s web rendition and not the Facebook application. Here are the means to follow:

Stage 1: Open your Facebook account on the web by visiting Facebook.com.

Stage 2: Once you are on your Facebook page or course of events, right-click anyplace.


Stage 3: Now, select the ‘View Page Source’ choice to see your Facebook’s source.

Stage 4: Once the page source opens, tap ‘CTRL+F’ to achieve the hunt bar that is utilized to look into stuff.


Stage 5: Now, type in ‘BUDDY_ID’ in the inquiry bar and tap enter.

Stage 6: Once this is done, you will be furnished with a few Facebook profile IDs close to ‘BUDDY_ID.’ All you want to do is duplicate any of the IDs, open another tab, look for ‘Facebook.com/15-digit ID,’ and the profile of the individual who saw your profile shows up.


We attempted this hack to see with our own eyes and it works. Even though, there are chances this workaround can streak similar profile ID on numerous occasions, making some kind of disarray.

How realize who saw my Facebook profile? (Android)

One more approach to discovering who has been visiting your Facebook profile without you knowing is through an Android application. There are a few applications accessible on the Google Play Store when you look for them. Nonetheless, out of numerous applications, the one that appears to be good enough is Who Viewed My Profile. This application can assist you with sorting out who visited your profile on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, essentially, all the Zuckerberg infants.


Who Viewed My Profile application?

You should simply download the application from the Play Store and select any of three choices (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) to know the guests of any of the applications. You simply need to sign into the chosen stages, following which you will see a rundown of individuals who have seen your profile. The names will be divulged after tapping on them.

To get immediate admittance to the names, an advertisement free encounter or no utilization limit, you can top for the Pro form of the application by paying some measure of cash.

We attempted the Who Viewed My Profile application and shockingly, it works. We had the option to see our Facebook stalkers, with the outcomes being like the one coming from the previously mentioned hack.

How realize who saw my Facebook profile? (iOS)

The iOS stage is somewhat safer and thus there isn’t any iOS application to discover Who saw your Facebook profile. Nonetheless, iOS clients can continuously follow hack number 1 to sort this out.

We trust these techniques demonstrate helpful for you to realize who has been watching out for you, either for no reason in particular or to guard yourself via online media. All things considered, the thought is to stay protected on the web and avoid stalkers, everything being equal.



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