How to see WiFi password on iPhone

WiFi passwords are simple to forget, especially because we usually keep them on our devices. Most gadgets, including the iPhone, remember passwords so that they may connect to your network automatically when you are in range. When you wish to join a new device to your network but can’t remember the WiFi password, you have a problem.

One method for locating your WiFi password is to see if you have it written down someplace. It’s not something most of us do, and you’re unlikely to have it preserved somewhere. In such instance, your existing device, such as your iPhone, can assist you in locating the password. When you connect your iPhone to a WiFi network, it remembers the password. There is an easy way to view the WiFi password on your iPhone.

To view WiFi password on iPhone, Use your Router’s IP address

When it comes to accessing stored WiFi passwords on an iPhone, there is a constraint. By default, iOS does not enable you to access your device’s passwords. To get around it, you must first discover your router’s IP address on your iPhone and then access that IP to disclose the password.

You must also be connected to the WiFi network for which you wish to reveal the password. The method may appear to be very technical, but trust us when we say it is not. With this method, you’ll be able to view your WiFi password on your iPhone in no time.

  • Open the Settings app from your iPhone’s home screen.
  • On the following page, choose WiFi. Then, touch on the symbol next to your WiFi network, which will bring up a screen with all of your WiFi details.
  • If you haven’t already, scroll down to the DHCP tab on the next screen. You’ll see an IP address next to the word Router. Make a note of it somewhere since you’ll need it in the next steps.
  • Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone, input the IP address you specified before, and press enter.
  • To access the router’s settings page, you must first enter your login and password. Unless you’ve changed the password on your router, it should be admin and admin for both the username and password boxes.
  • Once you’ve logged in, look for the Wireless Settings option and touch on it.
  • On the wifi settings screen, select the Wireless Security option. On this page, there is an entry titled Security Key. It’s your WiFi network’s password. By tapping on this area, you should be able to see the password.
  • Now that you know the password for your network, you can connect your other devices to your network by manually inputting your password.