How to set caller tune in jio saavn app

Music defines us. From Bollywood romantic songs to Hollywood pop songs, any of them can define your personality. Then why don’t we use our favourite music as our caller tune stop wouldn’t it be super interesting that the person calling us will certainly know our music taste and maybe get a hint of our personalities as well. Keeping this in mind Reliance jio has come up with its free caller tune service jio Saavn music app is one of the most used music streaming platforms by millions of people. Reliance jio is offering a service to choose your favourite music from over 400000 songs to set your favourite caller tune so let’s get started and let the world know about the tunes to which our feet dance. The steps are not very tough and there are two different methods to get your desired music on board.


Method 1


Step 1: To begin with first of all you need to to download the jio Saavn music app on your device it is important to note here that the steps for both the methods are applicable on Android as well as iOS users for those who you have already installed jio Saavn music app they will have to make sure that their app is updated to its latest version


Step 2: You once the app is installed you need to to sign up into to your new my jio account to activate your my jio account you need to put in the asked information


Step 3: You are now all set to search for your favourite song once you search it it once you find it choose the song to set it as your caller tune


Step 4: After the previous step you need to type on the ‘set as jio tune’ Toggle as soon as you you select it a preview will start


Step 5: This is the last step of setting up your favourite song as Your jio caller tune all you need to do in this step is to to listen to the caller tune being reviewed and if you feel satisfied with it you can confirm by selecting ‘set as jio tune’.


What happens if you decide not to install jio Saavn app and go through all the steps of Method 1 just to set up your jio caller tune well keeping this in mind Reliance jio leads you to set your caller tune the old way that is the sms way


Method 2


Step 1 To begin with all you need to do is send an SMS JPY to 56789 the SMS should include the codes listed below:


  •  MOVIE send it  to 56789


  •  ALBUM send it to 5 6 7 8 9


  •  SINGER send it to 56789

Step -2 as soon as you will send in the message jio will revert in  to ask for your confirmation


Step -3  if you are satisfied and confirmed that the song you selected is the one you want as your jio caller tune you have to reply with alphabet Y as the reply to the message


Step -4 the jio will soon set up this song as Your caller tune and will also send a confirmation SMS to you