Voice Notes

How to transcribe voice notes

Among social media users, voice notes are a popular feature. There isn’t a single social networking platform where you can’t send voice notes. Apart from text messages, voice notes offer a touch of your personality and voice to the message, but we may not be able to listen to voice notes all of the time. For example, one cannot imagine listening to their voice notes without headphones when on public transportation or in a public venue such as a library. This appears to be a difficult position; your teacher may even give you an essential voice note that you must listen to and reply to as soon as possible, but you are not in the appropriate location to do so. What will you do in such a case? Well, this article is the answer to your difficulty.


You may effortlessly transcribe your audio recordings using Microsoft Word. There are two ways to do it. Even whether it’s a discussion or a meeting, you can transcribe it with many speakers in a matter of seconds, so let’s get started.


Method 1: Make a word document.


You may directly e record in Word; the function will record and transcribe your conversations in the background, and you will be able to read the transcript once you save and transcribe the recording.


Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in to Microsoft 365 before you begin.


Step 2: Return to the home page and pick transcribe from the dictate dropdown menu.


3rd step A pop up will show on your screen after you choose transcribe. Choose the option to begin recording.


Step 4 you might have to give the browser the permission to use your microphone to record if you are using it for the first time the step isn’t tough as soon as you will start transcribing a popup will appear or if it doesn’t then you will have to navigate to your browser settings and give it the permission


Step 5 As soon as the pause icon is outlined with the blue colour you can start talking the blue outline is the sign that the timestamp has started


Step 6 make sure that your voice and words are very clear for the transcription


Step 7 you can surely leave the transcribe pane on while recording


Step 8 is feasible to pause while recording by using the same pause I can when you want to Resume the pause button into a mic and you can click it to resume


Step 9 once you are settled and satisfied you can select the save and transcribe now option to convert your audio file


Step 10 transcription may take some time it also depends on your internet speed so make sure that you have a good internet connection for speedy transcription


Method 2: Put your audio file on the internet.


It’s worth noting that pre-recorded audio file transcription has its limitations; for example, you’re only allowed 5 hours of transcription time each month for uploaded recordings.


Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in to Microsoft 365 before you begin.


Step 2: Return to the home page and select Upload audio from the dictate dropdown menu.


Step 3 is to choose an audio file. Transcribe normally accepts the following formats: wav, mp4, m4a, and mp3.


Step -4 transcribing may take some time, depending on your internet speed, so make sure you have a fast internet connection. The length of your audio file has an impact on the amount of time it takes to complete the transcription. The longer the audio file is, the longer the transcription period will be.