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How to stop Google from tracking your iPhone’s location?

‘Google would like to access your location’- are you tired of Google tracking your iPhone’s location? Do you  feel like Google is tracking every step you move? Well, it’s not a surprise since apps like  Google Maps need to use your location. Now you might feel like Google is invading your personal space but on the other hand it has its own benefits.  There are certain benefits of letting Google track your location.  With this feature you can get location-specific recommendations when you’re browsing, and real-time traffic updates.

There is a way with which you can turn off Google tracking your location on each specific Google App. Apart from that there is a method with which you can  make sure that Google doesn’t track you from any app you download.

For the same you will require to to disable your Google account’s “Location History” option.

How to stop Google from tracking your iPhone

Google keeps your location data in it’s little vault ‘Location History’. Location History has in its store of the information of places you go. To be more specific, Location History knows everyplace that your phone goes. As soon as you sign into your Google account and you have Location History turned on, Google shares your location data with all its apps and services.

Like you might already experienced before, Google will want you to leave this feature on. In case you turn this feature off, the services that run with your Location turned on, will stop working as well.

Stop Google from tracking your iPhone’s location- 

  1. Launch the Google app on your iPhone’s location. In case you don’t have the app on your phone, download it first and then log in into your Google account.
  2. There will be your account icon present at the top right corner of your screen, tap on that.
  3. Select  “Manage your Google Account,”> “Privacy & personalization,” or “Data & personalization” at the top of the screen.
  4. There will be an option of “Location History” present under the Activity controls heading. Tap on that.
  5. To turn off Google tracking your iPhone’s location,  swipe the “Location History” toggle to the left.
  6. When you turn the Location History off, a pop-up will appear on your screen descrpting a lengthy explanation about the services and features you will later not be able to access. Read everything carefully, and if you feel you can live without the features it declines to offertap “Pause” at the bottom of the page. In case you have a change of heart, you can simply tap ‘Cancel or




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