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SpaceX successfully launches a Falcon9 booster for a record seventh time

SpaceX is literally not touching the skies but also the Space. The news is SpaceX has launched its another Starlink mission. Talk about collections? SpaceX has a collection of 60 starlinks satellites that too in its its low-Earth orbit constellation. We’re putting this information under the ‘Good News’ category since efforts to blanket the globe in high-speed broadband is now prosperous. Today’s news is even happier for its equally important ambition of developing more reusable rocket systems. The first-stage booster that helped launch today’s Falcon 9 rocket made a record-breaking seventh trip.

Falcon9 booster glimpes

While we sat in our chairs comfortably, SpaceX was breaking its own reusability records of six flights for a reused first-stage rocket component. The super launch took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, lifting off at 9:13 PM EST (6:13 PM PST).

Ofcourse, SpaceX aims for an improved usability, as a method to decrease usability. It happens so while using old parts from the previous missions



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