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How to track location using phone number

Finding location

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Perhaps, you are stuck in a situation where you need to find the location of a loved one. The advancing technology in the modern world boosts the capability and flexibility to find the location of your friends, family, or any other person using various methods.

There are a number of general websites available on the internet which allow you to locate a person. But the question is Are these websites giving the exact information that you are looking for? Well, we do not recommend you to rely on them. A few of these sites can be hazardous and malware can enter your device which can, in turn, reveal your delicate data.

If you are confused about how to track the location of a person, no worries, we are here to help you with it. Among all the advanced technologies and systems the safest and the most relevant method of tracking someone’s location using the person’s phone number. There are a number of software that has made locating a person using his/her mobile number easy.

Now you might be thinking about how can you access these apps? Here is a quick guide for you that will assist you while using these tools.

Noting that a good and trustworthy application will require purchasing the facility. Apart from this, the GPS of the person’s phone you are locating should be active.

Some of these trustworthy apps are:

  • mSpy-  This application is used for locating a person comprehensively using GPS.
  • uMobix- This is used for Geo-fencing.
  • Mobilespy- It is a Wi-Fi tracker
  • Minspy- It is a Sim card information tracking app
  • eyeZy- It does both Geo-fencing and locating a person using GPS.
  • CNAM lookup- It is an app that not only tells about the location of a phone number but also gives details about the person.

Besides this, an IMEI locater can also be used to locate a person using his/her phone number.

IMEI Tracker: It is a handy application which can be accessed by everyone. Every mobile phone has 15-digit IMEI number using which you can find a phone very conveniently. In order to get your device’s go to Settings>General>About. You can find the unique number at the bottom of the page. You can also make a call on  *#06# (no matter what device you are using) to get the unique 15-digits number. You can now download the IMEI tracker application and look for your device.








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