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How to type in Bengali in Whatsapp?

One time I took an overland journey to Burma, also known as Myanmar, a beautiful and divine place. After the long tiresome journey, I quickly checked into my hotel room, threw my bag (Ya, the typical me), and was onto my bed and didn’t care to even change my clothes. 

I must admit I get quite anxious in hotel rooms. To escape that feeling, I switched on the TV, put on some random channel, and was scrolling through the news feeds on my phone. And in no time, I received a call from the reception checking on me, and to my surprise, they told me and gave me quite a few regional channel numbers that I can watch. So, I quickly grabbed the TV remote and scrolled through as if I were searching for a buried treasure literally and focusing only on locating those numbers. That’s when I had to do a double take as I heard a beautiful Bengali melody, “”Naam Na Jana Pakhi“” play, and I could immediately feel home away from home. And, I let the song repeat, so I can forever float in that bliss.

Do you recognize the feeling? I am fairly sure many of you would have.

Isn’t it amazing how even a pinch of your own native language could give you so much comfort, even on foreign land? I know it sounds crazy, but I almost felt like I knew Burma a little already 🙂

Having said that, when a flinch of your vernacular language can bring in so much happiness, imagine a tool that would help you connect in Bengali with your loved ones in a far better and fun way.

There is one such app that changed my life for the better.

Curious to know “”Oita Ki“” (What’s that)?

Being a regular traveller, I continuously miss home and my family. Thanks to the power of technology for bridging the gap between families and friends who stay miles apart. And messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, and Snapchat are a massive contributor to it.

Let’s cut to the chase, the app that I was talking of previously is Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers. It compliments almost every kind of messaging app available out there. 

Are you wondering how it helped me?

Like every other Indian mom, my mom is always worried about my health, food intake, and so on. She is not very tech-savvy and uses Whatsapp only for the simplicity and ease of communication it offers. Whatsapp does support 40 languages on iPhone and up to 60 on Android across the globe. Still, changing your phone’s language to Bangla, the entire interface adapts to Bangla, and that gets a bit overwhelming. So, to make it simpler for her, I introduced the Bangla keyboard to my mom. Though sceptical initially, once she had her hands on it, she was utterly smitten with it.

And that explains why I keep getting a ping from my mom every 10 seconds in Bangla saying, “Tumi Khawoa hoyeche?”, “Tumi Gosol khayeche?” and the list goes on.

Enough said, now that I have personally enjoyed a lot from the Bangla Keyboard, I should let you know of some super cool features it has got.

  • The best input tool converts your text into Bangla by either typing in Bangla (Banglish) Keyboard or using the English to Bangla transliteration.
  • Dictate and let the keyboard type for you in Bangla or Banglish.
  • Design realistic stickers of yourself and your friends, with the cartoon headshot with just a selfie or a photo (My personal favourite feature)
  • Just tap on the button lets you switch between Bangla and English Predictions.
  • Express yourself with tons of emojis and customized Bengali stickers.
  • Share cool stickers and GIFs in Bangla/Banglish text.
  • Attractive themes that give you a more personalized experience, letting you set background photos of your choice.
  • Send Emoji as stickers by long-pressing them from the Emoji palette.
  • Pick the perfect theme for your Keyboard instantly from the library of unique themes available.
  • Send Bangla text in various stylish and cool fonts to spice up your chat with your friends.
  • Download relevant sticker’s packs (Bengali movies, comic stories) and GIFs easily.

Apart from that, this Keyboard is free of any in-app purchases, upgrades, and comes with a bunch of cool (free!) features. It takes your Bengali typing skills to a whole fresh level, making your conversation fun, intriguing, and intimate. It is tailor-made for all the Bengali-speaking users and a highly recommended app to enhance your Bengali texting.

Thank me for the app later 😉 First, take it for a spin and let me know your true feelings about it.

Download Bangla Keyboard App Click here!



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