One of India’s leading financial service application Paytm was removed from Google’s Play Store today for violating its policies. Paytm has been India’s most popular start-up which boosted in sales immediately after Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi declares demonetization in the country. Everybody went digital and Paytm flourished in sales overnight. As of today, Paytm is running with more than 50 million active monthly users in India, keeping that in mind, it terrifies a user when he comes to read that all his money has been disappeared with one decision that Google made earlier Friday.


Paytm was removed from Google Play Store for violating gambling policies.

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Google issued a statement saying that Play Store prohibits online casinos and other unregulated applications related to gambling of money that promote sports betting in India.

Paytm has been promoting fantasy sports service on their mobile app which Google mentions to be repeatedly violating Play Store’s policies. As per resources, it has come to light that Paytm’s standalone app “Paytm First games” has been charged with violating the same policies and has also been pulled down from the Google’s Play Store.


An Android app-maker says that even if an application leads users to a third-party window or website that allows them to participate in paid matches or tournaments to win real cash prices or money, it is also considered as a violation of Google’s policies.


Google has allegedly sent an email to all its app developers to stop advertising promotions in their apps to redirect users to websites that offer sports gambling, betting or even to pages that allow the users to download such applications.


This announcement made by Google also intends to remind all app developers about their strict gambling policies ahead of the world-famous tournament of cricket, the Indian Premier League which is scheduled to start tomorrow.


Although sports betting is illegal in India, Fantasy Sports allows its users to select their favourite team or player and win if their selection plays well in the matches. This is not a legal violation in most Indian states.




Paytm tweeted,


The company replies to Google’s allegations saying that they had not breached any gambling policies. Paytm was running an offer that gave stickers to its users for successful money transfers and payments which could further be used to redeem cashback from the company. Google quotes this move as “gambling”.


Anyhow, Paytm has since removed this scheme from their application on an immediate effect, but Google took some time to reply to the Reuters when they questioned the violation by Paytm on their cashback offers.


CNBC-TV 18 and the Indian Express published a blog post by Google that said,

“We don’t allow online casinos/support any unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting. It includes if the app leads consumers to an external website that allows them to participate in paid tournaments to win real money/cash prizes.”


Furthermore, Google tends to explain its strict policies to protect users from potential harm and fraud.




At 7:08 pm on Friday, September 18, 2020, the company tweeted



Adhering to Google’s Strict policy in gambling violations, Paytm has removed the cashback component from their app referring to ‘Paytm Cricket League‘ and says that it is continuing to work with Google to restore the app.


The company also reassures its users about the safety of their balances and linked accounts. The app is now fully functional with all its services and users can enjoy their financial transactions like before.

Paytm comments that their cashback feature was completely lawful but they removed it to meet Google’s Play Store policies and restore user’s faith.


After a bump in the road, Paytm is all set to meet its user’s expectations just like it always does.