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How to update company details on Internshala

Internships are gaining popularity in India and moving at a rapid pace. Internshala is a key player in making internships available online in India. It’s a free resource for both interns and employers. Internshala currently has over 3000000 student visits and more than 80000 companies registered on its website. Internshala also provides online education in a variety of fields.

Internshala is a web-based platform that connects students and employers with internship opportunities and career services.
Students can use the platform to find and post internships, as well as other career services like counselling, cover letter writing, resume building, and training programmes.

How to Post Job in Internshala: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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One can easily update their company details through the following steps:-


  1. Log in to your company account on Internshala
  2. Select the profile logo on the top right corner
  3. Click on organisation Details


The various things you can edit are:

  • You can edit your company name
  • You can edit your Company description to keep the possible employees updated about your company achievements.
  • You can edit your company logo and upload a new one.


But you can altogether be an attractive employer by keeping some of the following tips to keep your company updated.


Before you hire an intern, you should:

  1. Write an internship job role (JD) – Be as specific as possible when describing the roles and responsibilities. It assists candidates in determining whether they are a good fit for the internship and, more importantly, it assists you in avoiding those who aren’t. Here’s an illustration.

– You should create separate posts if you plan to hire interns for different roles (web development, content writing, etc.). It saves you the trouble of separating applications for various profiles.

You can also use Internshala to create custom questions that students must answer before submitting their applications. Through these questions, you can learn about the candidate’s expectations and assess her fit.


When you hired:

  1. Set the application status to ‘Hired’ at all times: This initiates an automated process that notifies the student’s college authorities and requests that they issue an online No Objection Certificate. This step ensures that the candidate is more accountable.
  2. Send a formal offer letter to the candidate, requesting that he or she sign and return a scanned copy of the letter as formal acceptance. It isn’t a match until both parties agree to it. A Sample Offer Letter is available for download.

Keep a few backup candidates on hand as well. If the chosen intern declines, you may extend the offer to the next best candidate.



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