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How to use Cred coins

Customers are rewarded for utilising a variety of mobile apps these days, including PhonePay, Paytm, and many more. The CRED App is one of the most recent apps to hit the digital payment industry. The CRED App has gained a lot of traction, and many people are looking for additional information about it on Google.

Source – Cred

CRED is a credit card-linked online payment application. Kunal Shah, the CEO of FreeCharge, designed the app. The CRED App seeks to automate and expedite the use of credit cards. The software also rewards users with CRED coins, which can be exchanged for cash or offers. The CRED app, however, is not for everyone.

Users with a credit score of at least 750 are eligible to use the CRED app. Your credit score is checked using your phone number, which is linked to your bank account. Payments can also be made using debit cards, UPI, or CRED Cash balance using the CRED App. Users get rewarded with CRED coins when they purchase using their credit cards through the CRED App.

Users can also use their ‘Kill the Bill’ option, which is effectively a payback offer, to exchange CRED tokens for real money. When you utilise ‘Kill the Bill,’ all of your CRED coins are transferred to the credit card you’ve set up in the app. For every 1000 CRED coins redeemed, users would receive Rs.5-10. The CRED App simplifies the use of credit cards.

Two simple ways to redeem CRED coins are listed below:

  • Go to the reward catalogue area, which is updated monthly with new possibilities. Simply go to the App and select the ‘lifestyle’ option. Following that, you will be given the chance to choose from a variety of deals that are appropriate for you.

Customers can discover a few additional offers and perks that need a large number of CRED coins, so it is advantageous to collect as many CRED coins as possible.

  • In the second way, the CRED app allows you to redeem CRED coins by using the ‘Kill the Bill’ function, which allows CRED users to receive up to Rs.1 lakh in payback. This figure is dependent on the amount of the customer’s payment.

If a person does not want to use the services of any firm, they may use this App’s Kill the Bill function. Otherwise, it is recommended that you use your CRED Coins to obtain services from a variety of firms that you will find appealing and that will provide you with many more benefits than Cashback redemption through CRED’s “Kill the Bill” function.