How to Use Google Assistant Without Unlocking Your Device

Know how to How to Use Google Assistant Without Unlocking Your Device
It is no surprise that in the recent smartphone trends, the availability of Google Assistant is being given a major preference. Some phones are coming up their own Google Assistant buttons now. The use of virtual assistant is really vast and can prove to be of great assistance. Apple has Siri and the same way Android has the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant has now become as important to us as our best friends. And why shouldn’t it get that title? It makes our lives more bearable and much more exciting. Sometimes users just summon the Google Assistant and listen to a joke, a song, or even have a conversation. It is not just limited to these tasks, a Google Assistant can help you to make calls, send SMSs to people, send emails. If you are already a Google Assistant user you must be well aware with the fact that you can not use this feature while your screen is locked.

But here we are with a solution for it!

Use Google Assistant Without Unlocking Your Device


How to Use Google Assistant Without Unlocking Your Device

Note: You must note that even while following this workaround you still will not be able to use some features. Privacy sensitive features like contacts, calendars, or reminders without unlocking your phone, will still be off limits.

Step 1. The very first step of all of it is to unlock your phone and head straight to launch the Google Assistant. If you need to do the same, you can do so by saying OK Google to your phone, and like a magic genie the assistant will appear.

Step 2. After the Google Assistant is there to assist you, search for the Snapshot icon which will be located somewhere near the bottom left corner of your screen.


Step 3. Tap on the snapshot icon and it will redirect you to the Google Assistant’s home page. Once you are on the home page, tap on the icon which is represented by your profile picture icon. You can find it around the top-right corner of the screen.


Step 4. When the next page opens up, search and tap for the option of Personalization.


Step 5. When your phone opens the Personalization page, you have to allow/enable the options of Personal Results and also Lock Screen.


This is it. You can now Use Google Assistant Without Unlocking Your Device.