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How to use survival mods in Minecraft

This guide will detail some of the best survival mods in Minecraft that you can use by easily downloading them from the Internet.

Biomes O’Plenty

Biomes O’Plenty adds over 19 unique biomes that generate in your Minecraft world and the Nether. Along with these new biomes, it adds new plants, trees, flowers, building blocks, mobs, oars, and much more.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/6lk81u/biomes_o_plenty_3/

Yung’s Better Caves and Mineshafts

These two mods together completely overhaul Minecraft caves by greatly enhancing the way they look, as well as adding themed mineshafts. Mineshafts are completely revamped from straight lines into dynamic varies webs of tunnels, and mineshafts differ from biome to biome.

You will also find new cool underground structures, such as underground lakes and rivers, as well as abandoned workstations and dungeons.

Just Enough Items 

Just Enough Items is an item- and recipe-viewing mod. This mod comes in handy, as it gives you the crafting recipe of pretty much every craftable item in-game. You can view the crafting recipes of items by going into your inventory and selecting an item from the menu on the right.

Traveler’s Backpack

This mod adds wearable backpacks that can be very helpful. The Traveler’s Backpack gives you extra space to avoid having a full inventory. You are also able to fill the backpack with water and lava and always have a supply of both whenever needed.

The backpack also has a sleeping bag that you can use in case you need to sleep while adventuring. You also have a crafting table available in your backpack.

Nature’s Compass 

Nature’s Compass is a utility item that gives you the ability to find specific biomes more easily by simply teleporting to them. You can search for any biome and view information about it.

Alex’s Mobs 

This mod adds 49 new mobs to your game. All of these mobs fall into two categories: real-world creatures (such as grizzly bears) and roadrunners, or fictional creatures (such as the Endergrade and warped frog).

All of these creatures fulfil a necessary purpose and have unique drops, mechanics, and functions. They also help some environments in the game feel more alive. You can use the animal dictionary you receive once you join a new world to view all the mobs added, as well as learn more about each one of them.

Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structures is a mod that generated new structures, such as abandoned buildings, castles, and dungeons. These structures contain various kinds of loot and newly added blocks.

Falling Tree

The Falling Tree mod makes the process of chopping trees down much easier. Instead of having to break each block of a tree to chop it down, with this mod, all you need is an axe to chop down the bottom block of the tree. The tree will then fall down, along with all the wood on it, making it much easier to obtain wood, saplings, and apples.



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