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How To Use the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot
A guide on Using the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot

Utilizing the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot is a convenient method for Guardians to retain their progress in the game. By following a few simple steps, players can easily access checkpoints and expedite the farming process for desired gear.

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Destiny 2 features specific segments within activities where players can activate Rally Flags, typically before significant encounters such as boss fights. These Rally Flags serve as checkpoints, enabling defeated Guardians to restart the encounter with renewed vigor. The utilization of these checkpoints can be exploited to repeatedly challenge encounters for specific loot. This is where the Checkpoint Bot comes into play, offering a streamlined approach to skip sections of an activity and facilitate gear farming.

The process of using a Checkpoint Bot is remarkably straightforward. Players can initiate the procedure by launching Destiny 2 and attempting to join the Fireteam associated with the desired bot. The respective codes for the available checkpoints can be found on the official website. The website provides information about the number of open spots for each checkpoint. However, it is important to note that the tracker may not always be accurate, and players will receive an in-game message if the Fireteam is already full. It is worth mentioning that certain checkpoints, such as the Shuro-Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid, are more popular due to their suitability for leveling up crafted weapons and unlocking Exotic Catalysts. The Shuro-Chi encounter spawns numerous Taken Thrall that can be dispatched easily in rapid succession.

To join a Checkpoint Bot in Destiny 2, players should first visit the official Checkpoint Bot website and identify the desired checkpoint. The website provides a list of checkpoints accompanied by respective numbers. When attempting to join the Checkpoint Bot in-game, players should enter the corresponding number associated with their desired checkpoint. Here are the step-by-step instructions for using the Destiny 2 checkpoint bot within the game:


  1. Press the “Enter” key to open the text chat.
  2. Type “/join CheckpointBot#0000” (replace #0000 with the chosen checkpoint number).
  3. Press “Enter” to confirm.

Xbox or PlayStation:

  1. While in Orbit, press the “Right D-Pad” button.
  2. Press “Y” or “Triangle” to open the virtual keyboard.
  3. Type “/join CheckpointBot#0000” (replace #0000 with the chosen checkpoint number).
  4. Press “A” or “X” to confirm.

It is important to remember that performing any clearing activities while connected to the Checkpoint Bot can result in a ban from using the service. The Checkpoint Bot team enforces strict rules to maintain the integrity of the system. Therefore, after successfully joining the bot, players should initiate the encounter and intentionally wipe. Upon resurrection, they should promptly leave the Fireteam. This process ensures that the checkpoint is saved, allowing players to start from the new checkpoint when they load into the activity again.

If players possess a checkpoint for a later encounter in the activity, they must reset that specific encounter before joining the Checkpoint Bot. For instance, if players have a Riven checkpoint and join the Shuro-Chi encounter without resetting, they will retain the Riven checkpoint. To avoid any complications, it is crucial to join, wipe, and leave the Fireteam as swiftly as possible. Failure to adhere to this protocol may result in the account being blocked from accessing all bots.

In conclusion, the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot presents Guardians with an efficient means of retaining their progress within the game. By following the aforementioned steps, players can seamlessly join a Checkpoint Bot and expedite their gear farming endeavors. However, it is vital to adhere to the rules set by the Checkpoint Bot team to avoid any potential penalties. Utilizing this service can significantly streamline the gameplay experience for busy Guardians who may find it challenging to allocate ample time for progressing through activities each week.