Files App

How to Use the Files App on Your iPhone or iPad

The files app on iPhone iPad or iPod is one stop app to manage and view your files from any Apple device the app makes it really very easy to locate the file you are looking for on related to the fact that where it is stored just by using the files up you can not only access the files on the device but the files on the cloud services and apps iCloud drive apart from this you can even access to zip files all you need to do is open the app and just type in the name of the file you are looking for.


Easy isn’t it but the  question arises that how can we get this amazing app on our iPhone iPad or iPod. Well here are some of the methods to get it on.  you should be knowing that to access the apples files you need to update your device to  latest version Apple raised the bar with new interesting features which are taking working to some next other level the new features mainly include sorting files by groups multitasking with multiple Windows made easy and selecting several files by simply dragging across them.


Then let’s get into the steps to get this amazing feature


 step 1:  Navigate to settings, Tap on general and search for software update and select and select it.  This step is to make sure that your phone is updated to its latest version.  if there is any update missed by the phone it will automatically update it to the latest version.


 step 2 In this next step you need to connect all the services to the files app you want to use.  for this you need to click an  ellipsis icon at the top right corner to pop up the drop down menu.  from the various options you need to choose the edit toggle. 


 step 3 as soon as you click on it it will show you the list of all the supported file storage services.  you need to check the  services you want to use on your Files app.  to reorder your services you can use the hamburger icon on the right hand side to easily rearrange.


Step 4 The next step involves signing in on the services you want to use. Sign in to select the desired service,  as for the first time you will need to go through the authentication process to view your items.  In several cases you may also receive an authentication SMS in order to open the mobile version of the app.  The step needs to be repeated for each and every service.


Step 5 in this step you can even access your files which have been downloaded from Safari on the files app.  to access such files all you need to do is download the desired folder from Safari and search for it on my iPhone or on my iPad on the files app and you will be able to find your download file under the download folder.


Using external storage devices on Files app


 This step involves connecting your Files app with an external storage source.  all the types of external storage devices such as USB SD card or even external hard drives can be connected. 


In order to connect your external storage device you need to physically plug it to your device and then you can easily access its material on your Files app.


If you want to connect to a network server you can easily connect it to your device and then access its content.  however an important point to be noted is is to make sure that your network server supports server message block that is SMB to let different system access and share files.