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How to use the Jio Chatbot

Reliance Jio is preparing to host the widely and eagerly anticipated 44th Annual General Meeting on 24 June. Prior to the launch event, the telecom operator has made a new chatbot available, which will help people who are looking for more specific information regarding the details of the event. This new Jio chatbot has been introduced alongside WhatsApp and works much like the other chatbots that are used on the app.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/newsblogs/reliance-industries-agm-2021-latest-news-ril-annual-general-meeting-live-updates/liveblog/83797983.cms

It has been announced that people, especially those who have shares in Jio, will be able to use the chatbot to ask any questions that are related to this year’s edition of AGM. These questions will include frequently asked questions, do’s and don’ts for the event, etc. This will help them know about the impending announcements that are scheduled for the remainder of this year.

Also, the chatbot will most probably provide them with answers on what they can expect from the AGM event. It is known that Jio is expected to take the reveal a 5G phone, a laptop, and give away details regarding its 5G network availability at the conference.

The chatbot has been developed by Jio Haptik. It is also the same developer that developed the chatbot that was designed specifically to disseminate information regarding Covid-19. If you want any more clarification about the Jio AGM, you can check out how to use the chatbot to ask questions about any possible doubts that you may harbour. Here is a guide on how to use the Jio chatbot for AGM.

  1. You can either save the number +91 7977111111, or head to http://wa.me/917977111111.
  2. Send a message that says ‘Hi’ to the number on WhatsApp.
  3. Send any questions that you have and get an instant message with a wide variety of options.
  4. Select the option as per your preference and follow the prompts that will be given to you via text messages.



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