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How to use the old VHS filter on Instagram

One of the most popular editing apps that is all the rage on Instagram is Huji, a filter that adds an orange, blue, red, and yellow filter to your pictures and makes everyone look beautiful.

However, another new filter has arrived in town, but unlike Huji, which makes you look tanned, warm, and fuzzy, this app makes you look grainy and a bit blurry, but in a way that will still look good and trendy.

Since the 90s vintage theme seems to be increasing in popularity, people are uploading videos and pictures which look like they have been taken using an old retro video recorder.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/75per3/request_vhs_recorder_effect_for_snapchat_or/

Both Camcorder and VHS let users take a video in the style of a VHS recording. The video or picture is filtered to make it look slightly blurry. It looks like you took the photo 20 years ago, but the date and time stamp in the bottom left corner of the file is a dead giveaway that it was actually taken very recently.

Many celebrities are fans of this VHS look, such as Frankie Gaff, Emma Louis Connolly, and even Kylie Jenner!

Here is a guide on how to make your Instagram pictures and videos look like it was a VHS product.

  1. Head to the App Store and type in “VHS cam” in the search bar. You will see many options, but Camcorder and VHS Cam are two apps that are both free and user-friendly. Some apps may give you a three-day free trial, while others will make you subscribe and pay a monthly fee.
  2. Camcorder is only for filming videos in the VHS style. You can also upload already existing videos from your camera roll to the app for free, and convert them into videos that have the filter.
  3. In order to take a video, click the big red record button.
  4. If you want to upload a video from your gallery instead, tap on the landscape icon to be directed to your camera roll.
  5. Meanwhile, the VHS Cam allows you to take photos as well as videos in the vintage style. However, in VHS Cam, note that if the photo is taken in selfie mode, the time and date stamp are flipped so they end up looking like they are upside-down in your picture. However, if the picture is taken with the front camera, the stamps will be in the right place.



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