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How to use the pen tool in Photoshop

Here is a guide on how to use the pen tool in Photoshop.

Source: https://clippingpathindia.com/blogs/tips/how-use-pen-tool-photoshop-beginner-tutorial

Step 1: The pen tool is used to make a controlled and detailed cutout. This tool requires a little bit more time to use over the magic wand or the quick selection tool, but it can give you the best results.

Step 2: First, open your image in Photoshop and duplicate the layer. This keeps a non-destructive version of the image available for reference.

Step 3: In the layers panel, left-click and drag your background image down to the Create a new layer icon.

Step 4: Click on the layer-visibility icon for the background layer. This will make the background layer hidden.

Step 5: Locate the pen tool in the tools panel on the left side. Depending on what workspace you are in, the organisation of the tools may look slightly different. It is recommended to use the Essentials workspace, which is Photoshop’s default.

Step 6: The pen tool is easy to find, as it looks like a pen.

Step 7: Zoom into the image and begin using the pen tool. With the pen tool, outline the object that you are trying to select. Click on your image and make your first point to start making your selection.

Step 8: Begin working your way around the object. Make a second point on the same curve, not multiple curves later.

Step 9: Click and hold on to your next point. Drag to create a curve and line it up with what you are trying to cut out. Then, unclick. Repeat this for the next point on the cutout.

Step 9: If your next point’s curve is a little off, hold down option and click on the curve adjustment points to adjust the curve. You can also hold down command to move the cutout point if it is slightly off or if you are unable to make the curve correct.

Step 10: Repeat these steps all the way around the object until you make it back to your first cutout point.

Step 11: Click on the final cutout point to complete the cutout.

Step 12: On the right, go to your layers panel and make sure that you have selected your visible layer and click on the work path tab.

Step 13: Inside the work path box, hold down command and click. This has created a selection around the pen path drawn earlier.

Step 14: Now that the object is selected, go to the Select drop-down menu and click on Select and Mask. This will open up the Select and Mask workspace, where you make adjustments to your selection to refine it. Adding a slight feather is always a good starting point and will help make your image more seamless with any background you put behind it.

Step 15: Go down to Output Settings, and make sure that Output To has Layer Mask selected. Click on OK. Your background is now removed and you can save this as a PNG file type.



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