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WinX DVD Ripper: How to Play DVD on TV without DVD Player?
The Best Free DVD Ripper for Windows 2021

WinX DVD Ripper

It is 2021 and people have grown past DVD players and DVD discs for entertainment and storing their data. It is the digital era and everyone is using hard discs and cloud storage to save their data, streaming movies has never been easier, simply download the movies off the internet or you can also watch it online. The point is, no one buys DVD Players or carry DVD discs around with them to watch movies anymore, but I am sure that you must have a lot of them just lying around in some corner of your house, maybe your collectibles or your parent’s and some of it can be categorized as forgotten memories.

For instance, I recently found a DVD disk of my grandparents getting married, isn’t that cool? But, how do I watch it? I don’t have a working DVD Player at home. The only solution I got online is using a DVD Ripper to convert my DVD disk into a digital format so that I can watch it on my laptop, TV, smartphone, and anywhere I want.

After testing a bunch of DVD Ripper tools online, I found WinX DVD Ripper to be the best Free DVD Ripper for Windows.  WinX DVD Ripper is a free tool to convert your old/new/region-locked DVD discs to MP4 video format on Windows. The tool is a lifesaver if you have your favorite movies or TV Series or even old memories like I had of my grandparents’ wedding on DVD Discs because you cannot play them without a DVD Player. WinX DVD Ripper assists you to play all your DVDs on iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, TV, and Android devices without having to rely on the cumbersome DVD Player experience.

DVD Playbacks is a big NO-NO in 2021. Try using an old DVD player and watch your videos stop halfway with a DVD Playback error. You can imagine how frustrating that can get! About 95% of the time, DVD Players have a problem recognizing your DVD Discs which may or may not have uncountable scratches on the lens. DVD cannot be played on Windows 10 and having a backup of everything cannot include old and precious DVD discs. Another problem that I have personally experienced is carrying a bunch of DVD discs from one place to another which is inconvenient in today’s digital time. All of these problems submerge when you don’t have a DVD Player and that is the end of story, really. No DVD Player, no DVD playback!

These are only countable problems with uncountable headaches that you can get with the cumbersome DVD disk issue. Having gone through most of them myself, I can assume that there are thousands of people out there who have experienced the same headaches in the past.

Well, I have the best solution for you and that is WinX DVD Ripper, all of these problems fixed within less than five minutes. Download WinX DVD Ripper to backup and rip any copy-protected DVDs to MP4 format, MPEG format, H.264, etc. for playback on Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, and any Android device. Get ready to enjoy the DVD experience without the need for a DVD Player. Download WinX DVD Ripper, today!

WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper: Features

1. Convert DVD to MP4, HEVC/H.264, MOV, MPEG4, FLV, and 350+ formats:

WinX DVD Ripper can convert a DVD disc to several formats including MP4, MPEG4, FLV, and 350+ other formats with the main title being your external hard drive, NAS, USB drive, YouTube, media players, and other applications. With WinX DVD Ripper, users can play their DVDs on Windows PC, iPhones, iPads, and any Android device. Gaming consoles such as PlayStation and tablets are also supported by this software.

2. Convert DVD to ISO:

WinX DVD Ripper supports DVD disc conversion to ISO, making an uncompressed copy of the disc without any quality reduction. The ISO disc can then further be burned to another optical disk or mounted on a virtual drive, depending upon your preference.

3. Settings and Editing:

WinX DVD Ripper lets you effortlessly control your audio and video settings. You can flexibly control the frame rates, resolution, video format, and quality while converting your DVD disc. The tool also supports advanced editing tools that lets you crop, trim, merge DVD videos, attach subtitles and select audio tracks, all from one place.

4. Rip your entire DVD Disc in 5 minutes only:

Backup and Rip DVD discs under 5 minutes with balanced speed, quality, and size. Convert any DVD disc at 3000 frames per second with WinX DVD Ripper’s Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology powered by NVIDIA (CUDA) NVENC, Intel QSV, and multiple core technology, which is meant to convert a full DVD disc to MP4 within 5 minutes only.

5. 1:1 Quality Ratio and Size:

WinX DVD Ripper features a high-quality engine, deinterlacing and adjustable High-Quality encoding that helps to rip a DVD disc with imperceptible quality loss, which means 100% quality reserved.

The adjustable resolution, codec, bit rate, etc. helps to produce an optimal file size. WinX DVD Ripper ensures up to 80% space-saving. Covert an 8GB DVD disc to 1GB MP4 without quality loss, only with WinX DVD Ripper.

WinX DVD Ripper: How to convert DVDs to MP4 video?

To convert a DVD disc into MP4 format, follow these five simple steps:

STEP 1: Add the source DVD disc/folder

Open WinX DVD Ripper > Click on “DVD Disc” icon > Select Source Disc > Click OK.

STEP 2: Convert DVD to MP4 in the Best Quality

Once the Title is detected automatically, it will pop up the “Output Profile Window” > Find “General Profiles” > Select “MP4 Video” (select format) > Click OK.

STEP 3: Convert DVD from GBs to MP4 in MBs

Click the gear button beside the Profile > Parameter setting page opens > Adjust your variables > Select conversion format > Click OK.

STEP 4: Convert DVD to MP4 in 5x Less Time

Click on Browse > Select a destination folder > Click OK > Click on “RUN” to start converting.

STEP 5: Transfer MP4 to Device (Optional)

After the DVD is converted, Save the DVD video to your Windows PC to play the DVD on computer.

WinX DVD Ripper

Back up and rip any copy-protected DVD disc using WinX DVD Ripper. The powerful tool is free to download with no quantity, feature, and format limitation. The converted MP4 video does not leave any watermark like some other top DVD rippers available in the market. Convert any DVD to MP4 within 5 minutes only with WinX DVD Ripper. So, no more carrying the bulky DVD Player along with a bundle of DVD discs, simply convert all your DVDs and play them on your Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or any Android device.

Convert all your DVD collection for free, download WinX DVD Ripper today, Hurry!




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