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How to use twitter voice dm feature in easy steps?

Know how to how to use the twitter voice dm feature

Everyone’s all-time favorite micro-blogging platform Twitter has opened its gates to play with the voice content more than ever in the history of Twitter. It was a matter of a few days back that Twitter came up with announcing the beta release of Twitter Spaces for users in India. Currently, it is testing voice DMs in India.

As claimed by Twitter, this is still an experimental process and is not yet ready to be running publically. It is already being tested in India at full speed but apart from it, it is also being tested in Brazil and Japan. The major objective to introduce this feature is that voice DMs will add a dab of a personal touch when users communicate.

Like one might know already, Voice DM allows users to record a short audio clip and send it to their friends and followers in Direct Messenger. According to the information rolled out by Twitter, this service will soon be made available in a phased manner to iOS and Android users.

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How to use the Twitter voice dm feature?

Now on one side this feature will be available to all the users, be it any operating system- Android or iOS, however, Users who use this feature on the web will only be able to listen to the audio messages which are sent to them. Now that we’re starting with using Twitter to send the voice dm feature, the first and foremost step has to be making sure that the application is updated to its most recent version.

After you have made sure the same, the next step is as simple as it may seem- open the messages section and tap on any existing chat. You can also check it out with a new chat to see if the voice DM feature is available to you.

Sending a Voice DM is very basic and the cycle is like sending a voice message in a social media app.  You should simply start any current discussion or start another one, tap on the mic or voice recording symbol to record your message. You need to tap the symbol again to quit recording and can even tune in to the message prior to sending them to your contacts.

While the above strategy works for Android gadgets, iOS clients can basically press and hold the account symbol to record their voice message. When done, swipe up and discharge the symbol to send the message.




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