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Know Why ‘iPhone Scam’ Is Trending On Twitter?

The microblogging website Twitter comes up with new trending topics every other day. If you check today’s trending section on the website you will find the#iPhonescam trending on Twitter in pretty blue highlights. If you don’t already know what the sham is about, let us enlighten you- Users today have been posting about an alleged fraudster who had been scamming people.


The trick was called out by a YouTuber where the fraudster was supposedly offering iPhones at inconceivably low costs which didn’t actually add up. At that point, a progression of tweets and allegations against the individual made him a moving theme on the miniature contributing to a blog site.


Here’s how Twitter is handling the iPhonescam

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Because of the way that the trick got moving via online media, Patel took to Twitter to react to a portion of his allegations. He says that the conveyance of iPhones is postponed in light of restricted accessibility of the item, which doesn’t completely add up. He pronounced the offer isn’t a trick and none of the allegations had any legitimacy.





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