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How to turn on captions on Google Meet

Google has recently released some big changes in the interface of Google Meet, its video calling service. With this update, Google plans to make its settings and other features much more user-friendly and accessible.

A new UI has been put in place, but now, Google has changed the layout and positioning of the complete UI altogether. There is now a new bar at the bottom of the screen which will be visible to you throughout the entire video call. The bar will give you the ability to access all the customisation options without having to go through the cumbersome process of looking for them in the Settings menu.

One of these helpful features is the captions. With the hardware of the Google meeting room, you can make it easier for yourself to follow what is happening in the meeting by turning on captions, which translates what is being said into readable text.

Source: https://9to5google.com/2020/12/15/google-meet-live-captions/

Here is a guide to doing so:

  1. Open Google Meet on meet.google.com. You can either create a new meeting or join an existing meeting by typing in its code. Once you are on the video call page, you will notice that things look very different. Look for the rectangular icon that has the letters CC in it.
  2. Click on that button to enable captions.
  3. After enabling this feature, you will begin to see captions of what the speaker is saying during the call.



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