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Hrithik Roshan Plans To Invest In The Startup Industry

26 February, 2016, Mumbai: The entire country is moved by the startup sector and it seems like the Town-B is also getting allured by this booming industry. Hrithik Roshan, popularly known as the ‘Greek God Of Bollywood’ is now winding up to invest in the startup sector. ‘Bang Bang’ star who currently hold his investments in more lucrative segments such as gold, real estate and mutual funds now, plans to cross the boundaries. During his conversation with media, star revealed that he is very keen on investing in the startup sector especially, in companies that deals in healthcare, education, fitness and technology.

Speaking about the investment in startups, he opined, “Money to make more money has to have some goal. My focus is not where to invest but the reason to invest. I need to have a goal to work towards. I need to have a very strong reason to invest. I would love to if I could think of something innovative that can make the process of film-making easier.”

Two years ago, Roshan launched HRX (a lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand for men) and the brand received an overwhelming response from the market. “I truly want to make HRX a symbol. I think the biggest validation for a brand is the fact that in about two years it is a Rs.100 crore-plus brand. I want to make HRX a Rs.500 crore company in the next two years.”



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