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Humble Is Offering Games, Books, Software For $20 To Raise Funds For Covid 19 Relief Work

Humble Is Offering Games, Books, Software For $20 To Raise Funds For Covid 19 Relief Work


The bundle is a game, book, and software offering from Humble that helps raise funds for relief efforts in India, Brazil, and other countries that are struggling with coronavirus pandemics.
Customers who are willing to pay for the package will have the opportunity to donate directly to the charity of their choice, the World Health Organization (WHO), for a limited period of time. Charities benefiting from the Humble Conquer COVID 19 package include the WHO, WHO’s World Food Programme, and the International Society of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

It is worth noting that Humble allows you to set bespoke prices for its bundles, so if you are generous and want to contribute directly to relief efforts while still getting something, you can pay full price for the games. Conquer the COVID 19 package and help conquer # covid19 with this special weekly package of over 1000 games and e-books for just $30.

The website also shows a list of some of the world’s largest contributors. According to the Top Contributors section, several buyers have paid a four-figure sum.

All the money raised will be used for relief work in India, Brazil, and other countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

If you have someone who is completely familiar with PC games and wants to show you the impressive variety of games on offer, this would be a great start. As for the specific content of the package, it mainly includes the most popular games, books, and software available on the market today. We do what we can best to help, and we have put together a collection of amazing games and books/software that you can enjoy.

Humble Bundle says: “Help save lives today with Humble Heal and enjoy a wide range of content and know that 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to local relief work in India, Brazil, and other countries in the region. Covid 19 bundle gift is provided by companies, so please enjoy and help save lives by Humbles Heal.


The package is a Humble offer to increase awareness and support for India, Brazil, and other international countries that may struggle to deal with coronavirus pandemics. All proceeds from the sale of the COVID 19 bundle for $20 will go to state charities.

Video games, software, programs, and books can be redeemed on Steam, and for each game, there is a surprisingly aggressive – verbose – help to complete the PC optimization software.

The launch of this latest package follows a backlash Humble faced in recent weeks when it decided to create a charity to which customers can donate bundles of purchases directly to charities. Previously, you had the option of sharing the payment as much as the developer or charity you prefer with the developers or the charity itself.

The bundle will be available next week, you can view it here and find more information about the charity and its mission in India, Brazil, and India.

The bundle brings you games, e-books, and comics worth a total of $657, but you could pay just $20 for the whole bunch. You can also choose to pay more if you feel generous, or you can pay just $5 for a single game or $20 for a whole package. Either way, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the charity supporting COVID 19 in hard-hit countries.



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