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Hybrid worker shares relatable feeling of having a panic attack in office

Ever since the pandemic, hybrid work has become a preferred practice among workers. There are some others who are happy with working remotely. There have been several videos on TikTok that document and share the experiences of these hybrid workers and how they deal with the switch from hybrid to office. Due to the reliability of the content, these videos instantly attract views and comments. Recently, a video posted on TikTok by Anali Martinez Gonsalez garnered over 20,000 views. In the video, she shares the relatable feeling of having a panic attack while working in the office and how to deal with it. Read along to know more.

Work from home

Just Act Normal

Anali Martinez Gonsalez usually posts videos about food, office, and travel. Her recent video about dealing with a panic attack on office day struck a chord with several users on TikTok who have experienced the same feeling at some point while switching from work from home to the office.

In the video, Gonzalez can be seen working on her computer with her headphones on, mouthing a very fast curse in Spanish. The text overlay reads, “When you are having a panic attack but you have to act normal because it is your ‘in-office’ day.” Gonzalez’s advice to fellow users who go through the same difficulty is to act normal.

Hybrid and remote work is an appealing option to many workers who prefer the calm of home while working. According to Gallup, five out of ten employees are working a hybrid model, in addition to several others who are working completely remotely. In fact, hybrid work has increased by 7 percent over the past few months. Hybrid and remote work come with their own set of benefits. Forbes reports suggest that over 74 percent of people working a hybrid model have witnessed significant improvement in their mental health. However, as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Hybrid work has its share of disadvantages too, the most prominent one being the feeling of loneliness and the lack of companionship one finds in a conventional work environment. Perhaps the best way forward to draw the maximum benefits might be to strike a balance.