TikTok users react to VR company’s joke about workers showing up to virtual office

‘Metaverse’ was the favorite tech headline for quite some time ever since Facebook switched its name to ‘Meta.’ Despite the initial hype and promise of potential, the theory failed to match the practical because the actual implementation of the metaverse has been far from successful. Although it was advertised with appealing taglines and promises, it failed to make a place for itself in everyday culture. The number of people using the software has been declining steadily for quite some time now. Of the 3 billion people who use Facebook, only 200,000 use Meta’s ‘Horizon Worlds virtual reality app. Although the energy and promise of the software are waning, there are some companies who stubbornly hold onto VR, and one such company has sparked a debate on TikTok. Read along to know more.


Field Out

The world of technology is a cauldron of uncertainties despite the logical backing. It has witnessed grand plans and ideas crumbling like sandcastles, and those that started small making it to the top. It will not be an exaggeration to say that metaverse falls into the former category. Despite the initial burst of optimism, it has failed to find a firm footing and is already losing users. However, this questionable situation has not stopped some companies from clinging to the metaverse bandwagon. One good example is the VRPark company which boasts that they are a “3D Virtual Reality Company specializing in the provision of immersive 3D spaces for work, learning, and events.”

A tweet by the company claims that they bring back organic interactions to workforces by bringing teams together in an immersive virtual world that replicates real-life scenarios. This allows people to collaborate and communicate with each other irrespective of their locations. VRPark has been quite determined and consistent in its efforts to boost the VR landscape. For over a year, they have been religiously posting humorous VR videos on TikTok.

At the moment, a video from VRPark which garnered over 191,000 views has sparked a string of responses. The comments of the users clearly don’t match the optimism of the company. In the video, the company makes a harmless joke about someone’s lack of response on Microsoft Teams. Instead of following the usual course of waiting for them to log back in, VRPark prefers to confront the person in the virtual world, in person.

A good majority of the users on TikTok weren’t quite impressed by the video. Most of the comments ridiculed the stance of the company and even expressed the lack of appeal of VR.

“Please, my corporate life is already miserable enough. Please don’t add VR to it,” one user commented.