“I was laid off on the way to the first vacation:” Women says after losing her job

Layoffs suck, but they are the current reality. Almost all companies are doing it, and honestly, this is a result of the recession and the falling economy. However, getting another job after you have been laid off is even more difficult. It suddenly seems like the years of experience and efforts carry zero value on your resume. Well, again, it’s all because of the timing. Recently, a woman shared how she was going through a similar situation after being “laid off on the way to the first vacation” in 3 years.

"I was laid off on the way to the first vacation:"

She starts the video by asking, “Tell me why, with five years of marketing experience, an MBA in marketing and management experience for four of those years after 250 applications, I have not gotten one interview with curated applications and resumes for each of them.”

She even sent specific cover letters for each company’s positions and reached out to recruiters individually.

Not getting even one interview after so many applications is quite discouraging and sad, and I think we all can understand what she might be going through.

"I was laid off on the way to the first vacation:"

The women even said that the company promised: “they were not laying off anybody after their initial layoffs six months ago.” And now she is in a mess because her IVF cycle just happened, she bought a car and was laid off on her way to vacation.

One of the viewers was a recruiter and commented, “As a Recruiter, companies are not hiring right now. They must keep their budgets right for Q4 and prepare for the upcoming recession.”

While another viewer suggested, “Referrals – people are working their networks hard right now and it’s the best way through the door for limited positions.”

Watch the video here:


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