No one came to help

No one came to help this man who couldn’t pay his rent!

People are greedy and selfish, and that has never been anything new. Recently, a Tiktoker did a social experiment where he carried a board that read, “Im in need of $20 to pay my rent this week. If I can’t pay my Rent, I’ll Be Homesless.” He was standing in the middle of a busy street, and a lot of people walked by him, but no one came to help.

The guy even turned towards people who were walking past him to see if they would help. No one even bothered to stop and talk to him about what happened.

No one came to help

But finally, someone came forward and helped. The guy says, “What’s that? oh, I am not gonna take that; thank you so much!” And the guy who came forward to help was actually a homeless person.

It shows how cruel life is and those who really don’t want to give. Or, as one of the viewers commented on the video said, “Those with the least give the most, Those with the most give the least FACT sad but true.

The homeless person understood what its like to live on the streets and therefore didn’t want that person to be in the same situation.

However, that was not the end of this social experiment. On the other side, of this board were some bills and it ready “Free Money.”

No one came to helpSuddenly everyone was interested and came to take the money. Most of them were kids or teenagers but it still proves the point he is trying to communicate.

In the end, the guy says when he said a story and how he could become homeless no one even bothered to ask or talk, let alone give him any money. And when he was giving free money, everyone was willing to take it, but no one would talk.

Watch the video here:


Would you help someone pay rent if they were about to become homeless #rent#sad#happy#love#mentalhealth#depressed#anxiety#support

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One of the viewers commented on the video, saying, “They don’t even think twice to take the money but won’t help someone in need, selfish people these days! I honestly don’t know how it’s come to this.”

While another requested, Luke, please tell me you’re going back to help the homeless man out. He is a legend.”

What are your thoughts as no one came to help the man except one person? And how does it make you feel about humanity? Let us know in the comment below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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