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IBM’s Job Debater exhibits next-gen-AI-driven efficiency

Discussion on IBM's Project Debater

Artificial Intelligence is gradually extending its reach to a multitude of fields, elevating their efficiency levels and accuracy. Especially in rapidly growing businesses, battling with everyday competition, expert system assistance can lead to better selections. This eliminates the errors which are the result of verification biases, thereby saving the business from negative choices that might tarnish its progress.

IBM’s Watson initiative is a brilliant example for this. Watson carries the tagline that artificial intelligence can be a gamechanger in the field of business, taking the future by storm. When it comes to a business, time, cost and risk management are of utmost importance. AI powered businesses exhibit a better growth trajectory, especially with respect to these factors.


Watson helps organizations by facilitating foresight which enables the businesses to predict what is in store for the future. This works as a strong risk management system. On the other hand, automation of time consuming processes ensure optimization of employee efforts and time.

IBM added to its Watson platform, the Job Debater technology that is capable of comprehending human language. The objective of the technology is to help humans develop persuasive arguments, thereby ensuring well informed and fruitful decisions with far reaching outcomes.

Advanced sentiment analysis, summarization and briefs, advanced topic clustering and classification of business documents are some features that add to the effectiveness of the technology.

The system’s excellence till date ensures productivity and efficiency by streamlining premium selections, and eliminating errors. Job Debator offers assistance and support to professionals and analysts while also ensuring that the selections made are in par with the interests of the stakeholders.

How does job Debater perform this complex task ? By curating disagreements and debates over crucial subjects, changing standpoints and delivering the most efficient perspective to work on. The resulting choices ensure maximum success rates and when administered on an individual level, it takes out erroneous choices out of the equation while also identifying those that lack skill and responsibility.

Job Debater is a stellar example of how artificial intelligence can add to the blend of human efforts, an extra ingredient of efficiency. Humans are prone to mistakes, so are machines. However, when both are synchronized and put in line to work in harmony, the results generated can prove to be massive. They mutually fill in spaces that requires redressal and improvement. A good instance is how the job debater enables people to arrive at arguments that are based on reason and evidence by eliminating biases that arise from emotion and ambiguity.



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