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MNC’s and AI : The symbiotic relationship

It is not a matter of surprise that artificial intelligence is among the trending terms in the world of technology. It is making its presence felt across diverse fields ranging from medicine and engineering to business and finance. And it is gathering pace and its imperative that AI will play a pivotal role in the technological future, adding innovations that can completely alter the working rules of our human reality and order.

Businesses are among the prime beneficiaries of artificial intelligence. When it comes to running a business successfully, efficiency and time management are of utmost importance. Ironically enough, these are the two major major potential fault lines of human labor. Humans are prone to mistakes and it is not always possible to have efficiency on point. This is where AI comes in, filling up the gaps with its accuracy, thereby optimizing human labor, while also saving time and costs. Machine learning, natural language processing etc. are few among the list of smart technologies that play a major role in adding a speed boost to businesses, helping them achieve monumental results and profits.

Here are a two renowned MNC’s who took an innovative step towards adding AI as a part of their business strategy;


Amazon leverages artificial intelligence to increase success rates

Customer centered innovation and customized experiences are the scoring points of Amazon. The redesigning of the company around the AI framework has proved to be immensely successful. Digital voice assistant, Alexa, a name that is widely familiar to masses around the world is a good example of Amazon’s place in the AI game. Apart from this, it leverages AI to provide customized suggestions and recommendations to consumers. This is facilitated by the data collected by AI based on the buying habits and patterns of customers. And as is common knowledge, the selling point of any brand is customer retention, and customers stick to brands that make them feel special and at home. And we can say that Amazon has scored well on this respect, given the huge revenues it generate each year. And a huge part of this success is owed to the innovations that the company comes up with each year. And the innovations inevitably point towards one reference point-Artificial Intelligence.


Google leverages artificial intelligence to pace up business

Google is yet another brilliant example for how artificial intelligence has added to the success rates of business.  Thanks to its AI powered technologies, google assistant, google maps etc. have become widely used terms. Google Assistant owes its success to deep learning which helps it to comprehend commands and questions. Google began its remarkable work with AI back in 2011, which proved to be a significant step in deep learning. By acquiring Deep Mind in 2014, it underscored the importance of deep learning to business.  And the company continues its AI venture through rigorous research and advancements that extends AI to newer products and domains.

In short, AI is on its way to becoming a gamechanger for the technological world, and it has already left its lasting mark across diverse fields, all of which have benefitted from the same.







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