24 Steps To Create The Ideal Buyer Persona Today

ideal buyer persona

So many startup founders are thinking about how to attract investments to their venture before brainstorming about the economic viability of their idea. An essential step for this is to figure out who will be the potential buyers for the company’s products or services.

If you are active in the business in the consumer sector, the buyer persona or the ideal client is a certain human being with specific characteristics who you can even attach a face to.

Identifying the buyer persona and understanding how many potential persons who are similar to it will be possible to reach, you will know pretty well  the size of the potential market. Even more interesting, you will learn how to communicate with that profile so your messages and offers will be understood. As an example: for a baby-boomer, “cool,” means “chilly,” and for a millennial, “cool” would mean something totally different.

How You Will Find Your Perfect Customer

By working with dozens of startups, listening to speakers, and implementing in your businesses you will arrive at a certain matrix or blueprint consisting of 24 questions. By answering these questions, you can have your buyer persona created. Some people can understand this concept more clearly by attaching a face to their ideal person or customer and sticking it on their computer.

Before digging into the questions we need to address the following 8 core elements and after that let’s start the real work.

This is by no means an extensive view of your customer — this is just the beginning for you.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Education
  • Industry
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Salary

You will just be amazed about the clarity you will get from this exercise which can cost a small fortune if it is done for you by an external  consultant.

1. What are their personal characteristics?

Is this person shy and retiring or they are a confident, outgoing person?

2. Where are they in their career?

Describe how their career has taken shape from leaving education. Have they reached their career goals, or do they aspire to greater heights?

3. What about their company?

If your persona is working, what company do they work for? How many people work at the company and what is their company turnover?

4. What are their day-to-day roles?

What does an average day look like? Describe a typical day in the life of your persona. What are their responsibilities?

5. Are they a financial decision-maker?

Is this person responsible for making purchase decisions and what factors shape their decision to buy?

6. What skills and tools do they use?

Does your persona need any particular skills in their everyday lives? What are they? Do they use any particular tools in order to help them live their lives?

7. What struggles do they have?

Do they have any particular worries or concerns that you are able to solve? Describe any problems that your persona experiences on a daily basis.

8. How are they currently overcoming their problems?

If this person has a particular way of overcoming their daily struggles, how do they do this?

9. Why would they object to using your product? What would they hate about it?

Are there any reasons why your persona would not use your product or service? Describe why they would be reluctant.

10. What does their social life consist of?

What does this person do to unwind and relax? Who are their close circle of friends and how often do they get together?

11. What publications do they read?

Describe the range of newspapers that this person reads on a regular basis.

12. What are their social media habits?

Describe what social media platforms that this person uses regularly and why they use them.

13. What are their dreams?

What does your persona want to achieve from their life? Do they want to be rich and successful or are they content with where they are in their life?

14. What was their last purchase?

What was the last thing that your persona purchased and what influenced their decision to buy it?

15. Do they belong to any clubs or associations?

Outline any other associations, clubs or specific social networks that your persona belongs to?

16. What does their personal life look like?

Describe their personal life to get an insight into what makes them “tick.”

17. How do they stay fit & healthy? Do they stay healthy?

Are they a member of a gym? How do they choose their food?

18. What is their political orientation?

19. Do they have any religious beliefs?

20. What hobbies do they have?

21. What is their favorite film/ TV show?

22. What was the last book they read?

23. How often does this person use the web?

24. What is their favorite genre of music?

Take The Time To Know

Next, take time out from the daily grind, gather your team if you have one (or your family and friends will usually chime in for you), and complete this exercise by answering the 24 questions and address the 8 core elements.

This simple exercise can change the course for your business idea.

By using this exercise you will know and understand who you are reaching out to for your customer base. You will be amazed how these questions will make you feel — an actual physical reaction for your idea customer. You will know them.

All success!

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