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Importance of Intro Video and How to Make It

Ever thought why movie trailers have become such a valuable marketing tool? An Intro video is to a brand, what a trailer is to a movie. They are the representation of, “The first impression is the last impression.”

This article will tell you about the importance of the intro video and how to make it without spending a penny efficiently. It also has tips on how to create youtube videos online. So keep reading! 

Intro video

The above para informed you about what the article will be and what you, as a reader, can expect from it. Yes, you got that right, it is like an intro video for this article. 

An intro video gives the audience a taste of what the brand is about, what they can anticipate, and a glimpse of how it will function. Since it is the first thing that will connect the users to the company, it is crucial to get it right. 

A lot of companies and individuals have a misconception that only an expensive and complicated softwares can give you results. While it is true that costly softwares have specialties and features that free softwares won’t have, but just like everything has pros and cons, expensive ones too have its fair share of disadvantages. Almost all the paid video making softwares are very complex to use, and it takes the right amount of practice to get your hands on them. On contrast to that, free softwares have simple features but lack of features which makes the job of the editor a living hell.

But some softwares have understood the pros and cons of both sides and tried to take a balanced approach. The functionality of these softwares is more natural compared to the expensive ones. Still, they also have enough editing features that will assist you in getting the job done without having a hole in your pocket. Invideo is one such example that presents you with the best of both sides.

How to begin? 

There are two standard options for creating a video –

  • Using a template
  • Starting afresh

To clear, using a template won’t make the video repeated; in fact, one can always apply the model and then design your video based on it to create something entirely new. The advantage here is that a head-start. 

Editing the template

To create an accessible and interactive intro video, one must have the right template. Using a handy software like Invideo will enable you to create the video in no time due to the ample option available. 

A lot of times, it happens that a creator likes a template but has to let it go because one or two elements didn’t seem to connect. Because of such cases, softwares have come up with the feature of editing. This allows you to select one existing template and edit it to give it a personal touch. 

There are various categories within the template option, and among them, go to the ‘intro’ option and choose one from the multiple choices. 

“To begin, begin”

There are four major components in all the standard softwares. To create a good video, you need to keep them in mind. 

  1. Workspace – A workspace is a white space available in the center of the screen where you will edit the video.
  2. Library – Just like a library has a collection of books; this library has an accumulation of options on the right side of your screen. These options have different effects that you need to make your video swarming.
  3. Scene – A video is a combination of multiple views that shows stories from different perspectives and makes the content engaging. This is present on the left menu and allows you to add various scenes in your video.
  4. Timeline – Timing plays a significant role when you have to deliver a message. Timeline is the element that allows you to control how your video will be presented. It is located down the screen.

Given the fact that the goal here is to create an engaging intro video. Here are a few elements that are a must along with their reasons. It will help you to understand why you need to incorporate them and why they are essential.

  • Logo – A logo is much more than just a regular image. The logo gives the brand identity and works as the bridge between the consumer and the company. Therefore it is the most critical aspect of your intro video. You must! Must have your logo in your intro video to create a connection of the brand with your viewers. 

You can add various animation effects, which will make your logo dynamic and more intriguing. 

  • Brand color – Take a look at the intro videos of established companies. The majority of them have a brand color which also reflects in their intro video. It is not just for the aesthetic value, but also gives the video a personal touch and enhances and establishes your brand identity with the consumer.
  • Font – It is a significant component that establishes the character of the brand. The font feature of the software allows you to pick a font that resembles the characteristic of your brand or upload your own created font. 
Tip – Always take a preview of your video after you have created it. It allows you to see your video from the perspective of the viewer and will enable you to rectify your mistakes.

Work is more convenient when you choose a template. As mentioned earlier, it gives you a head-start. There are a few other things you need to keep in mind if you want to start the intro video from scratch. 

  • Special effects – These effects allow you to make your content more interactive and engaging. The special effects can be broadly classified into i. Screen Effects and ii. Prop Effects.
  • Screen effect – Just like the name suggests, it fills up the screen. It can be further categorized into abstract effects and 2D animation effects. Abstract results are highly preferable for the intro video.
  • Prop effects – These effects are dynamic, and you can also modify their size according to your taste.
  • Motion Effect – A stable design at times gets boring and hence doesn’t grab the attention of the viewers. To avoid this, you need to use motion effect efficiently to make your content effective by enabling movement in the objects. There are two options – the Multimove and Curve tool. The former effect allows movent in streamlined path while the latter moves in a curved path. 

This was some necessary information through which you can create your intro video. The intro video is highly essential, and one must try their best to put the best one using whatever resource they have. But if you want to create an efficient intro video, keep the above elements and tips in mind and give your best!