5KPlayer – Free 4K/HD Video for Your PC/Mac 

What will you choose when you are given an option between the average video player or one software that does multiple works including free (MKV) HD video player, DLNA & AirPlay enabled media streamer, music player, and online downloader? The latter one isn’t it? But it sounds too good to be true? 

No, don’t worry, It exists for real and is called 5KPlayer. Let’s take a closer look at what makes 5KPlayer as one of the top free 4K/HD video players for Windows/Mac. 

Features of 5KPlayer 

1. AirPlay & DLNA Wireless Stream 

  • 5KPlayer comes with in-built AirPlay™ technology which enables it to screen mirroring. From iPhone/iPad to computer and Mac/PC to Apple TV, it allows complete screen change without the loss of any picture quality.

  • It is a mixture of the DLNA controller, DLNA server, and DLNA renderer. This allows it to sync with several DLNA devices so they can mutually operate with each other. What does this mean? Well, in simpler words, 5KPlayer will enable you to share videos, music from android to PC/Mac and media from PC/Mac to PS 3/4, Smart TV, or Xbox.

2. A Hardware-accelerated Free Music & Video Player

What makes it a genuinely great choice if you want to enjoy your music and videos without any hassle is that it’s functioning. Due to the fact that it is horse-powered by Intel® QSV, NVIDIA CUDA®, DXVA 2.0 along with AMD Hardware-acceleration, all of them collectively work to make sure that you experience the maximum visual and audio quality without affecting your CPU and GPU. This allows you to enjoy your 4K/8K HDR videos without any shutter, glitch, or choke. 

Moreover, it comes with TrueTheater technology, so now you can have your perfect weekend while lying on your couch and enjoying your private home theatre with your loved one along with a pizza.

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3. A Cover-all Online Video Downloader


Now you ‘don’t have to waste hours to convert your videos into MP3, with 5KPlayer, you can do it with just one click. 

I must also tell you that this multimedia software is also an online downloader which allows you to download any video or audio you like from any online video hosting sites including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Myspace, Vine, UStream, MTV, Instagram, Bliptv, LiveLeak, CBS Slideshare, and SoundCloud. 


This eliminates the efforts you have to make to search for the links or websites which allow you to download videos/music. 


4. In-built Radio Player


No matter how modern we get, Radios are timeless. The essence of listening to radio randomly playing your favorite music or podcast is unimaginable. Due to its robust connectivity and huge media house, you can choose between several radio stations and channels including BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio and Classic Rock. 

These are just some of the significant features of this multi-tasking software. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy this marvelous software – https://www.5kplayer.com/video-music-player/. This software is not a YouTube to mp3 converter


It must be kept in mind that 5KPlayer is a single software that allows you to enjoy the work of several softwares. Moreover, it just doesn’t have several features; it also has fast processing and robust in-built. This means you ‘don’t have to spend hours or even minutes while converting or downloading your favorite videos or music be it any quality from MP4 MKV MOV AVI VR 360° in 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD to 1080p HD videos.