Increase App Downloads, How To Achieve That Magical Number ?

You’ve built an iOS app or maybe an Android one. You’re really proud of your hard work. The app works on every device you tested. There seems to be no competition. After publishing it, you go ahead and share it on your Facebook Profile page. You feel you’re onto a winner!

But wait, you don’t see likes or downloads to your it. Then you think it’s ok, you will ask your family and friends to download it. Still there are not enough likes. You try all your best to reach out to people and get it downloaded. Few people download it but yet now reviews to it. You get completely discouraged and sad. There must be something missing which led to this result.

increase app downloads


Points to keep in mind for maximum app downloads

Great Translated Descriptions
  1. Where possible, your description should be localized in most common languages.Google Play has a nice feature which will let you do the translation automatically using Google Translate. However, some translations do come up weird, so make sure you double check Google’s work.
  2. Your description should contain certain keywords you’re targeting with your app. Keywords are those unique words which give weightage to your content. Using the keyword  3-4 times in a para would make it great.
  3. Don’t forget to talk about any permission your app is requesting upon installing.
Video is necessary

Making a video for your app is a must.There are even mobile specific video editors who specialize in app videos. If you are going to invest in a video, make sure it has subtitles for the local language. If you have the money, have it translated into the most common languages. It will do wonders to your download rate.

Cost-Per-Install Campaigns

Most of the traffic from searches on both Google Play and the App Store will go only as far as the 50th app in the list. One tactic is by making use of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign via different advertisers. You’ll pay a certain amount of money for each install.  If you reach that spot, the effects will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.

Limited Discounts

You can offer your app for free or at half price for a period of time. Couple that with the before mentioned CPI Campaign & a medium-sized user base already in place, and the effects can be mind-blowing. There are also apps which can help promote your discounted app, similar to the way daily deal sites work.

Spread the word

Try writing a small blog and share the links to all social media sites you use. That helps engaging a lot of traffic. Also, give a personal, unique story.

Keep your eyes on the user

Having analytics is a must. You’ll want to keep your active device numbers as high as possible. That’s the key to continuous downloads. A good app analytics should offer multi-app options, give you the ability to compare between them, let you see the user’s behaviors, from download until app deletion.

Use a cover image for Google Play

So many Android developers forget to do the simplest things, such as creating a cover image for their app. Don’t make the same mistake. A cover image can really boost user downloads. Make it unique, and don’t use the same picture from the screenshot. If you do use the same picture, at least take the time to resize it so it won’t look weird. You want users to trust you, before they will be willing to download your app.

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So there you have it. These points help grow your business to more downloads on our entire portfolio in under a year. Some of the tips above are pretty hard to implement, so you need to have talented, dedicated people around you. That’s simply a team work.