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India orders Wikipedia to delete map that shows Aksai chin in China

We all know about the current border tensions between India and China regarding Aksai Chin. Now a controversial situation had happened when Wikipedia was showing “Aksai Chin” as a part of China which it’s actually not. Following the spread of misinformation, India has issued strong orders against it and asked Wikipedia to delete map showing the wrong information.

More on the matter

Wikipedia – Writing in the Margins

The Indian government were not particularly happy with the misinformation being shown on Wikipedia. However, it is understandable because Wikipedia is volunteer-based, and some users might have done this. So, the secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asked Wikipedia to remove the wrong information from their site on 27th November. The government has invoked Section 69A that blocks any information from public access.

In the words of some officials from the ministry, the misinformation of the map could harm the integrity and harmony of the nation. And at the same time, it also violates the territorial integrity of the country, and it is within the power of Section 69A to take the map down.

Strict vigilance of the ministry

Earlier this year, Twitter also faced such an issue. When Leh was being shown as a part of China in their geotags. Taking up the matter, the Indian government asked for answers from Twitter. It also demanded to know why any action should not be taken against them. But twitter quickly resolved the matter, and the problem was solved.

Wikipedia shows wrong map ministry takes action

This time the ministry came to know about it when a Twitter user tagged the ministry. The page that has links to the map talks about Bhutan and Indian relations and also their military relations. As of now, the government hasn’t provided any strict time frame for Wikipedia to resolve the issue. But it did make it clear that if the map isn’t removed quickly, necessary action will be taken.

Either the responsible parties will be imprisoned under the Criminal Law Amendment Act, or Wikipedia’s access from India will be blocked. India is very strict regarding the matter and is probably going to take the actions as mentioned.

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