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Indian Healthcare start-up, Clinikk backed by 500 startups in Pre-Series A funding round

Clinikk's Team
Source: Analytics India Magazine

Clinnikk is a healthcare and insurtech start-up based out of Bengaluru and it has recently announced that it has concluded its Pre-Series A funding round, raising an undisclosed amount. The funding round was led by financial technology Venture Capital Company, Emphasis Ventures.

Existing investors of the company including Times Internet, WEH Ventures, First Principles and 500 Startups’ 500 Durians fund also participated in the Pre-Series A funding round. Apart from these, a series of Angel investors also participated in the funding- Anjali Joshi, ex- Product Vice President at Google.

Clinikk offers a lot of healthcare and insurance tech services. Being founded back in 2016, the healthcare start-up integrates primary healthcare with health insurance on its online as well as offline platform. The company provides family health insurance coverage, personal medical assistance; telemedicine consultations and many other services in its offline in-person care centres.

We all need medicines at some point in time for something or the other problem, especially during the COVID-19 nation-wide lockdown; people were protecting themselves from unnecessary exposure but medicines are essential and thus, medical and healthcare start-ups never went out of businesses.

Clinikk claims that the company witnessed a 40% increase in its subscriber base this quarter and is expanding at a very rapid rate. The company is said to reach a subscriber base of over 4, 00,000 new subscribers within the next two to three months which shows a significant rise in demand.

Co-founder Suraj Baliga mentioned in a statement saying that Clinikk is used by over 5,00,000 people from all across the nation with a majority of its subscribers using the platform as the first point of contact in any healthcare or healthcare insurance-related issue.

Clinikk's Founders
Source: YourStory

COVID-19 has not been easy for us, especially the followed five months lockdown period. Medicine and healthcare needs are a priority and start-ups like Clinikk have made it easy upon mankind. However, in saying so, during the nation-wide lockdown, Clinikk partnered with other platforms such as Ola and Rebel Foods and implemented a telephone medicine service- a telemedicine hotline aligned with the state government of Goa.

Furthermore, Clinikk claims to provide India’s first-ever comprehensive COVID-19 insurance protection in the country.

EMVC Founder, Melissa Frakman says that financial and healthcare befits arising from health insurance is yet to be majorly adopted by the people of India. For this adoption to happen, the whole medical systems and people’s beliefs have to be built from the ground up and this is exactly what Clinikk is attempting to do through its efforts in pricing, delivery, payments and online ordering and distribution channels.

Healthcare sector in India has to be reimagined in order to fully understand, adopt and avail health insurance services. Clinikk is one platform that enables customers to do that.