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Innovative Pranks Tech companies used on April Fools Day
Ola and Volkswagen are among the top

Top in the list, Ola and Volkswagen for their incredible details on their pranks. Voltswagen fooled many experts and there are many discussions on how Voltswagen is a much cooler name Volkswagen.

April Fools' Day 2018: The best pranks from tech world - The Financial  Express

Credits: Economic Times

Ola’s Flying electric car

Ola made an announcement about having a “Flying electric car”. Indeed, the replies on Twitter made the prank obvious. If not for the reply from Ather Energy reply.

However, the details included everything from speed to range, and there was a Twitter account replying to every tweet with a link. Up to some extent, many did believe that, except the 500 people who likes Ather Energy’s reply.

Volkswagen’s prank

Volkswagen was smart with this, they released an announcement, CNBC caught the announcement on their website. Later, the release was deleted. Furthermore, Volkswagen didn’t give any comments when asked. Then, on March 30th, they released a tweet on changing the name to “Voltswagen”.

It is not just Twitter, the prank fooled many businessmen, and fans on LinkedIn, at least till 28th-29th March, millions were fooled about the brand name change.

The best pranks in the past years

Companies attempting to fool are nothing new to many tech lovers, especially by the March-end season. Even if anyone wanted to make a real announcement, they definitely would choose a better time. One of the best pranks from the past years is Google’s driving bicycle.

Self-driving bicycle

Being able to drive a self-driving bicycle must be fun. Google’s prank on self-driving cycles seems hilarious now, but just imagine the situation in 2016, in those early times when people weren’t aware of being fooled by larger companies.

The sincerest explanation with details is what made people think that the impossible might be possible after all. On the other hand, these pranks also made people realize that the popular companies are run by humans, they too know how to joke around.

Flying drone prank

Kippie in 2018 released a video, about flying drones delivering food directly to homes through drones. The idea seemed realistic, we know drones can be controlled with remote, however, we didn’t know if the technology was developed to have the control from far of place. Additionally, the technology will need AI-based technology. But, the idea seemed too exciting, to not believe.

Is it good to fool around?

As marketing strategies, more or less they can be beneficial to the company. Furthermore, the public gets to know the creative fun side of the company. For those who got fooled the first time this year, it can be confusing. But, tech companies were always innovative in their field. It is more of a trend to celebrate.



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