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Instagram in talks to launch a separate app for kids below 13 years


Source: OpIndia

Lockdowns in many parts of the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic are still enforced and there is absolutely nothing one can do about it. While adults still have their college work or job tasks to keep themselves busy, what are younger kids supposed to do in these trying times?

Well, Instagram and Facebook are two platforms where children flock during these times, at least legally they are banned from doing so, but who knows. It is true that there is a potential market out there that directly caters to younger kids while giving parental controls to parents but is it truly necessary to give such younger children a distraction.

However, not so long ago, Instagram has mentioned in a statement speaking about the protection of younger kids from harmful users on the platform that post not-so-decent content for children below the age of 13 years. Instagram is constantly talking about its younger users and how the platform’s policies and norms protect such children from consuming harmful content before their legal age.

Instagram is one of the most addicting social media platforms and instead of blocking its younger users completely from the platform, Facebook Inc. and Instagram are in talks to launch Instagram for Kids. As mentioned in a report by Mashable, the social media platform is much likely to create something like YouTube Kids. This specifically made for children platform will provide parental controls to parents who can then control the privacy and safety of their children. The platform i.e., Instagram for Kids will protect young children from the harmful content posted by adults on the platform.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram tweeted yesterday that Kids these days are increasingly asking their parents to join applications to keep them stay in touch with their friends. Instagram for Kids will be a version of Instagram that will give parental control. He further mentions that they will do something similar to what the team did with Messenger Kids. Instagram says that it is still exploring options and will share more information in the coming months.

One problem that is struck by many when hearing this new update from Instagram is that the platform and Facebook Inc. are encouraging the use of social media for children which can be crucial for child safety and dangerous during the child’s formative years. Another issue reported by users is that Instagram for Kids may form the risk of children getting hooked up to digital platforms, social media and technology devices at a very young age which may not be acceptable to the parents.



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