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Instagram pushes ads on its Shopping tab after Reels and Stories

Instagram Ads
Source: TechCrunch

Instagram, the popular social media child of Facebook Inc. is bringing new changes to its platform and there are mixed reactions everywhere. Not very long ago, Instagram introduced Shopping tab on its platform that allowed users to dive into a shopping marketplace within the application which also turned out to be a new revenue-generating opportunity for sellers and small businesses on Instagram.

According to recent reports, Instagram has announced to be introducing ads on its Shopping tab and there is no better fit for ads other than being on the Shopping tab. Facebook’s Instagram had worked on the app’s redesign back in November and this new shopping tab was a part of this redesign. The company is pushing advertisements on its platform in literally every format, be it regular Posts, Stories, Reels, Explore Feed, and now on the Shopping tab as well. Is it annoying, yes! But generates a lot of revenue for Instagram and Facebook as businesses.

As I was researching for this particular story, I found a very interesting take noted in a report by Engadget. The report says, Shopping tab is the ideal location to integrate ads because people visit the shopping section with a spending mindset. There is no better place for ads where users are consciously going to look for products from brands, creators, and small businesses.

The shopping tab is the most natural place for posting ads, especially consumer-targeted ads if the user has that option enabled. Clicking on shop will further give you more options to get more details about the products with additional images from different angles. Other than this, you can browse through similar products and more products from the same brand. Work it out as a shopping app, click on the product, select it if you like it, put it into your wishlist, or share them with your friends to get their opinion.

Nevertheless, Instagram is the most popular social media platform and anyways there are billions of people scrolling just scrolling through content on the platform. The introduction of Reels gave Instagram a new level of user engagement and hopefully, the Shopping section on Instagram will do the same.

According to reports, ads will look just like the other tiles on the Shopping home page, but with a “sponsored” label on the ads as you must have noticed on Reels and other planes. This simply means that someone has paid Instagram to show you this advertisement. You can click on it for more information or you can ignore it for the next one.

Let us know how your experience with Instagram Shop has been.