Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden sets up a meeting with the ‘Big Tech’ over cybersecurity concerns

Joe Biden
Source: Hindustan Times

As we know, the United States has lately been under attack by cybercriminals and there is not much we can do about it. Small businesses, big organizations, and individuals have been the major targets for these cyberattacks. There have been reports where cybercriminals are attacking federal prosecutors and technology giants like Microsoft, making their sensitive data vulnerable.

Having said that, the situation is not getting any better and with the advancement in technology and everyone getting digital with their workflow, there is a huge risk involved considering these attackers are out there looking for their next target. The United States needs to take action on this on immediate grounds and President Joe Biden is making moves.

According to recent reports, President Biden has called out for a meeting with ‘The Big tech’ i.e., Apple, Google, and Microsoft on cybersecurity, hoping that these technology majors will produce some long-term solutions for the same. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, President has set up a meeting on August 25th with Apple, Google, Microsoft, ADP, IBM, and Amazon to see what these companies bring to the table to prevent or minimize cyberattacks in the United States.

A senior administration officer of the Biden government commented that the meeting was held to find the root causes of the cybersecurity issues and a meeting with the biggest technology companies in the world could put fingers on a wide range of cyber-vulnerabilities in the system and better practices on part of the US government could actually bring the frequency of these cyberattacks to a halt.

Sources suggest that President Biden is not only in talks with big technology companies, it has also roped in big financial institutions like Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Travelers, according to Engadget. In addition to this, Girls Who Code and are two educational organizations that were involved in the meeting as well. The report notes that it was more of an informal discussion to help establish definite solutions to protect the United States from cyberattacks.


It is a digital era and even in the future, the use of technology is only going to maximize. Technological advancements could get into the wrong hands and cyberattacks is a major possibility in today’s time and the future to come. President Joe Biden has actively been taking the next steps to improve digital security in the nation and meetings like this one, to tackle specific cybersecurity improvements are a great sign of a secured future.