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10 Reasons why Instagram will Beat Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are both on the list of ‘top 10 social media platforms’, the former being on the top of the list. Having said that, for the first time in the era of Facebook, it saw a decline.

Launched in 2010, Instagram gets bigger and better with every passing day. Experts believe that there will come a time when due to its rapid growth, Instagram will beat Facebook.

why Instagram will beat Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are two different social media platforms. While Facebook is a “comment” social network, Instagram is a “visual” social network. Though Facebook currently owns Instagram, they have kept the platforms completely independent.

In the race to the throne of the social media market, it seems the son might beat the father’s legacy.

Here are 10 reasons why Instagram will beat Facebook

1. Mobile-friendly Platform

There has been a rapid growth in the number of smartphone users. About 80% of the social content is consumed in a mobile environment. Since Instagram was a mobile-only platform until recently, it gives a huge structural advantage.

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Also, this growth in smartphone users is not slowing down anytime sooner, so you can guess who is winning.

2.Stories Integration

Even though Snapchat was the one who came up with the ‘stories’ back in 2013, Instagram stories stole the show and have left Snapchat behind in the race.

Instagram will beat Facebook

Facebook too has this feature but was never in the race.

3. Popularity among Young Adults

Since 2017, Facebook has lost 8% of its users under the age of 25, for the first time. Reports predict that 2018 has not been much better either.

Instagram will beat Facebook

The year already turned out to be the darkest for Facebook. Having been in news for all sorts of wrong reasons has led Facebook to witness distrust of its users.

4. Commerce-friendly social network

Instagram is a ‘visual’ social media and therefore, businesses that depend on a lot of visuals to advertise, find Instagram more beneficial.

Direct commerce has been a surviving story in Facebook but with Instagram, it’s on a league of its own. Most of today’s business companies prefer Instagram because of its accurate targeting of the audience.

5. Ideal for Brands

Instagram has a stable platform unlike the ever-changing display algorithm of Facebook. Therefore, most brands prefer Instagram.

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For example, Nike has 30 Million followers on Facebook but it’s around 78 Million on Instagram. They are also able to attract the right customers to the brand and are able to maintain the steady relation due to their stability. Instagram photos generate 36% more engagements than Facebook.

6. Better Discovery

Instagram has been using Hashtag # from the beginning for discovering posts. People can follow the hashtags too. It helps an art enthusiast to find out more about art, a foodie to find new restaurants, or a traveler to discover unknown places.

Instagram will beat Facebook

Instagram allows you to browse through trending pages, topics, and posts even when you are not following them.

7. Positive Vibes Only 

People use social media platforms as a means to escape from their regular life to relax and chill. Now, if they were to have feuded in here too, where will the poor souls go? This is what’s been happening with Facebook users.

A large number of Facebook users have complained that even small matters which were intended as jokes turn into ugly fights between different communities. This jeopardizes the ‘connecting people’ slogan of Facebook.

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram is much more peaceful and positive. Here, you can like, comment, and share if you like or move on. They show mostly according to the preference of their users. 80% of influencers prefer Instagram for their word.

8. Message In-built

While using a social media, most of the users prefer a platform that provides both messaging and social media network together in 1 single app.

But, that is not the case with Facebook. Messenger is the texting app for Facebook. It’s really not very adaptable even though it has some good features.

Instagram, on the other hand, has an inbuilt messenger. It also allows you to share stories with specific people.

9. Future for Developers

Due to the recent scandals, Facebook has become stricter towards their developer ecosystem. But, Instagram is welcoming more developer engagement.

As a step forward to the future of being the most preferred network, Instagram has decided that it will allow users to share stories with other apps too.

10. Safe and Secure

  • 68% of the users on Instagram are females. They stated that they feel safer on Instagram than on any other network as they have a choice to show what they want to those whom they allow.
Instagram will beat Facebook

This helps users to trust the platform, as this is where they are sharing their moments and personal details. Facebook has seen a downfall in this case due to the data breach scandal.

  • Instagram also allows users to have excellent filters and do cool edits on their pictures. They have also introduced features like Boomerang and others which are enjoyable to watch.

Facebook is still the most popular and the only social media platform to have more than 2 Billion active users. But, Instagram is serving as a secure and better social media platform for its users. They still have a long way to go, but it won’t be too long before the son defeats the father on his own game.




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