Institutional investors keen in crypto investments: fidelity report
Institutional investors keen in crypto investments: fidelity report

Institutional investors keen in crypto investments: fidelity report

As per the recent reports from Fidelity, institutional investor who wants to discover new opportunities for investment into global investment options have shown their interest in investment into digital assets like cryptocurrencies. This option of investment has been considered by these institutional investors after the recent price falls in the cryptocurrency market.


Institutional investors keen into crypto investments: fidelity report
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What is the Fidelity survey?

The financial services giant organization Fidelity, published its annual report on cryptocurrency. As a part of the cryptocurrency market evaluation Fidelity has been working on the annual reports on the issue related to cryptocurrency for the last three years in the form of a Fidelity Digital Assets study. in this year’s report, Fidelity showcases the perspectives of institutional investors toward cryptocurrency as an investment option.

What are the outcomes of the Fidelity survey?

This year the organization analyzed more than 1000 institutional investors by evaluating their investments and the perspective of these investors toward cryptocurrency as an investment option. The organization found that more than 60% of these investors were interested in investments in cryptocurrency after the recent fall of the cryptocurrency market. The study also found that 4 out of each 5 investors included crypto assets in their digital Investments. The investment option of Bitcoin and Ether was considered by investors who wanted to invest directly in digital assets. Institutional investors in Asia and Europe hold around Holds more than 65% of digital assets as a part of their digital investment which is more compared to 42% of investors in the US.

Who are institutional investors?

Institutional investors are individuals who work for important financial organizations like Financial advisory and hedge funds and operate for all of their global client’s operations. These institutional investors are considered to be incliners of the economy on the global level and the investment options made by them impact the state of the economies on the global level. These institutional investors and high net-worth investors work with global financial firms to get the best outcomes on their investments.

What are the top concerns of investors in crypto?

Institutional investors consider the lack of regulation is the biggest concern for investment into crypto assets. Some other factors like the price volatility and security concerns of the cryptocurrency along with the risks like market manipulation are vital concerns amongst these institutional investors for investment options in the cryptocurrencies. As per the Fidelity survey, In terms of global crypto and digital assets allocation, Venture capital funds own 87% of these digital assets followed by the high net worth individuals who own 82%, and global financial advisors own 73% of the digital assets.