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Interesting Places You’ll Find AI Tech

Artificial Intelligence technology is one of the most popular tech trends of the decade and with good reason. The practical applications of AI are nearly limitless, so it’s easy to see why so many people are already familiar with something as complex. If you haven’t heard of AI before, here’s a very brief explanation. AI tech typically consists of smart machines that can reproduce or simulate human intelligence. Sure, it might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but we’re not there just yet. If you’re wondering where you can usually find AI today, here are a few interesting places.

Video Games

Although gaming is currently an insanely big hobby worldwide, most people don’t connect AI and video games. What’s even more surprising to those unfamiliar with this fact is that AI has been a part of the video games industry for a long time now! Many of us have been in a situation where we fight a boss in a game, but no matter how many tries we get, we can’t seem to outsmart them. If you’ve run into this problem once or twice in your lifetime, then you should know that AI is the culprit!

Artificial Intelligence in video games is there to make things feel more realistic. While the tech used here isn’t the typical AI we know of today, a rudimentary version gives non-playable game characters some personality in different scenes. Without AI, most fights in video games would be boring and repetitive. Characters would keep repeating the same moves over and over again, making every game a breeze. Thanks to AI, the game can learn to anticipate the player’s movements and give them more of a challenge during gameplay.

Bitcoin Trading

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has been getting much more traction these days, so if you’re interested in investing in it, you can use the recent trend of automated Bitcoin trading. As you might have guessed, automated Bitcoin trading software like Bitqh uses AI to give users a much smoother trading experience. The AI algorithms in these apps gather data from the market to find the best investment options available. Once they set their sights on an opportunity that looks promising, they automatically take it!

Bitcoin enthusiasts love this software as it gives them a plethora of benefits over the traditional Bitcoin trading option. For one, anyone can use it. Since the AI does most of the work, users don’t need to invest time into learning more about the complex world of Bitcoin trading and everything that comes with it. Another core reason why this trend has taken off is that it’s a time saver. Users can set up the software and let it do its thing while they go on with their day and spend time on other activities.

Virtual Assistants

One of the least attractive things about everyday life in the modern age we live in is the rush surrounding everything we do. To make things a little bit easier, several tech companies have incorporated virtual assistants into the devices they produce. If you own a smartphone, then you’ve surely already been introduced to these tech marvels. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, these helpful little voices are always there to point us in the right direction when menial tasks are involved.

AI is a core part of virtual assistants, which makes plenty of sense seeing how they get easier to communicate with the more you use them. In essence, AI in this software is pretty much in every aspect. These bots were designed to learn more about how you operate and adapt to your needs. While this might sound like an episode of Black Mirror in the making, it’s a good thing! The more virtual assistants are familiar with your patterns, the better the user experience they can provide for you in the long run.



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