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Internet Archive is caught in a web of copyright lawsuit

Internet Archive

The times are not exactly pleasant for the Internet Archive as it is struggling to break free from a copyright lawsuit. It seems like four corporate publishers aren’t very pleased about what Internet Archive does, and to be frank, they do have a point somewhere (or perhaps not). The Twitter town has mixed responses to the news. While some are in complete outrage about the lawsuit, others find it rather reasonable. Both the parties involved in the lawsuit have requested summary judgment briefs.

The What And Why

Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library and a massive source of online artifacts. The highlight of the Internet Archive is free access to any e-books. The only requirement is the creation of a free account. Too many ‘free’ in the conversation and it does seem like a win-win situation. However, four corporate publishers were quite irked by the free access, and they filed a copyright lawsuit back in 2020. In simple words, both sides are trying to interpret the meaning of ‘preservation’ and ‘privacy’ in their own ways. While the publishers are convinced of the piracy involved in the workings of the internet archive. The Internet Archive insists on the preservation narrative. Well, as someone somewhere said, “One man’s revolution is another man’s terrorism.” Perspective is the key factor here sprinkled with some technicalities. However, if the Internet Archive loses the lawsuit, it would mean a complete full stop to free access.

Twitter Reacts

As usual, Twitterati is ready with its own take on the matter, and quite naturally the opinions are divided. After all, multiple and often conflicting perspectives are only natural. Let’s flip through a few reactions and responses on Twitter to gain a little perspective on the issue. Perhaps, it might even help us reach a middle ground on the matter.

Let’s start with a welcoming statement.

People aren’t pleased with the lawsuit.

They should perhaps try learning the definition of the world wide web?

Well, both sides have valid points.

That’s one way of looking at things

And that is another way of looking at things

Some might disagree.

Well. There are no sweet words when it comes to battle. You pick your side and fight.

Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

This lawsuit reminds one of the facts that there is no black and white when it comes to truth. It is all blurred and mixed.

Now that is a true warrior right there. Metaphorically of course.

A bit ambitious but doesn’t seem (im)possible. You get their point though right.