James Webb telescope

Twitterati has mixed reactions to NASA’s James Webb Telescope

James Webb telescope

NASA’s Webb Space telescope is dancing on the bridges of history as it reveals the deepest infrared image of space to date. Earthlings are always intrigued by the mysteries of the Universe, and having a better insight into the stories that unravel between stars and galaxies is always welcome. Today, President Biden had exciting news, or rather an image to share. NASA Webb Space Telescope, which proudly holds the title of the most powerful telescope in the world, captured a couple of images of space which managed to take a good amount of space in the minds of those viewing it. Let’s take a look at President Biden’s tweet.

It is not every day that you get to witness the final dance of a dying star.

Mixed Reactions

It looks like Twitter’s standards have gone beyond the universe and the ‘deepest infrared image of the Universe’ is not quite enough. The initial reaction to the images captured by the Webb space telescope was skepticism which eventually opened the way for admiration. Well, everybody takes time. Twitter does too. Let’s flip through a few reactions and responses on Twitter. And perhaps try our hand at decoding the high standards of Twitter town.

That comment in itself is underwhelming, to be honest.


Now that seems like an almost normal response. Although the exaggeration is dropping hints toward mild sarcasm.

Now that is an unexpected analogy

We are not giving up on aliens anytime soon. Let’s just hope they are more like Superman and less like Thanos.

Well, appreciate the effort perhaps.

The amazing way in which the human brain works. Deconstruction on point.

Twitter has the ability to make one skeptical.

Now that is some food for thought indeed.


Beauty isn’t always about utility. Valid question though.

I do not even have a response to that ‘clear’ image. The clarity in thought is very evident though.

Must have been so hard coming up with that name.


We should probably start investigating the possibility.

The emotion behind the statement is understandable.

Now that is the ‘sugarcoated pill’ method of criticizing

People indeed have interesting queries for the President. Questions that cannot be blurred by stars and space.

Time to play ‘spot the difference’ folks.

Good heavens!

You must have got a really sharp pair of eyes.

Running away from problems is still not out of trend I presume.

Forget America militarizing space, we already have these geniuses.