Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will soon be laid to rest, and netizens cannot rest.

Everything that has begun must inevitably come to an end. That is the philosophy of life, and apparently that of technology as well. After more than 25 years of serving people with their queries, and opening new doors to explore and learn, Microsoft is finally drawing curtains on Internet Explorer, and yes folks, it is time to say goodbye. The coffin is set, the final nail sharpened, and all we have to do is lay some bouquets and that is what netizens are busy doing on Twitter filling it with a streak of reactions and responses.

Internet Explorer

Although the web browser was raging fire in its initial years, with age shadowing over, its popularity weakened to such an extent that people stopped using the browser by a large margin. After all, not everything ages like fine wine. And, Microsoft Edge will take the place of Internet Explorer once the latter is put to rest.

Here are some reactions and responses from Twitter, some a walk down the memory lane, and the rest a walk through meme town.

Apparently, people cannot help but take a jibe at the sloth mode.

Oblivion is inevitable, and sadly Internet explorer went into the ‘Oblivion mode’ way before its coffin was built, and sadly nobody is ready to shed tears. But worry not, there might be a deficiency of tears, but memes are overflowing in their place.

The reactions never miss a tint of the pandemic.

There is ample space for irony here. And people are not going easy on the web browser, not even during its final days. Seems like nobody is in the mood for a good old eulogy.

Some might say pulling the plug is an act of mercy. Looks like Internet Explorer doesn’t get a chance to pull a Captain Steve Rogers and enjoy old age.

There is no dearth of sloth mode jibes. You cannot blame them for that. It is years and years of pent-up emotions finally finding a stage.

Talk about brilliant euphemisms. It is always wiser to sugarcoat the truth than saying that nobody actually uses the web browser.

Perhaps, this is the first time anybody has thought about Internet Explorer in the past fifteen years or so.

Are we running short on optimism here?

It was inevitable.

And this never gets old.